What’s new in ADX Web Explorer

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We continue improving your ADX Web Explorer user experience, here are some recent features you might have missed.


Cluster friendly names

You can now rename your cluster connections to display shorter and friendlier names.

Just right click on your clusters to edit them




Search in grid

Search in the results grid by selecting the Search button on the top right of the results grid and entering an expression in the search box on the left






Rename a tab

To rename a tab just double click the tab name


rename tab.png


Export and import your query work environment

ADX allows you to export your entire work environment to a JSON file, this includes your cluster connections, open query tabs and settings.

You can use this functionality to manually backup your work environment or to easily migrate your cluster connections and query tabs between different devices.

Please note that the Export action only addresses the query work environment, and won’t include any dashboard data.




Maximize results pane

Use the arrows in the top right of the results pane to maximize its size.





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