Workplace Analytics July 2021 feature updates

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Thank you for following the development of Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics right here through the years.  


Both Microsoft MyAnalytics and Microsoft Workplace Analytics are part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform. In addition to new productivity and wellbeing experiences and insights in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva Insights will, over time, bring all Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics capabilities and experiences together under the Microsoft Viva brand. 


As these experiences continue to grow and improve, you can learn about them in the Viva blog! You can click over to there now to see what we have in store for this month, July 2021. (While you’re there, you can check out the latest news for all of the Viva modules.) 


In the future, if you return to this site, you’ll be automatically redirected to the new, correct blog site for Microsoft Viva Insights. Thank you for your interest and we’ll see you in the new place! 



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