Copy data to/from Azure Data Explorer using Azure Data Factory or Synapse Analytics

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The Microsoft Data Integration team has just released a new connector for Mapping Data Flows, in both ADF & Synapse. You can now natively connect to your Azure Data Explorer clusters in mapping data flows.

Mapping Data Flows provides scale-out data transformation in the cloud in Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics. With these additional connectors, you can build ETL patterns at Spark scale in a code-free design environment without ever touching the Spark compute. Azure Integration Runtimes allow you to define the Spark environment and provide a serverless Spark compute for your data transformation pipelines.


Read Mapping Data Flow gets new native connectors to see an example of how to use the ADX connector as a source in a data flow to read NYC taxi data and to perform any of the hundreds of data transformation patterns to reshape and transform the data. 




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