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Cool Features in Microsoft Teams Meetings (Part 2)

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Greetings to our lovely NTA non-profits. Welcome to part 2 of our Microsoft Teams Meetings series. This article will help you uncover some more cool features within Microsoft Teams that can help take your meetings to the next level. 


Presenter Modes


Microsoft Teams gives you the option to choose from four different presenter modes while you are screen sharing. You can pick from the following modes: content only, side-by-side, standout, and reporter mode. If you prefer not to be seen on the screen during presentation, content only mode allows you to show only what you are presenting. Side-by-side will show your presentation in one square while you are placed directly next to it in another. In standout mode, your background will get replaced with your presentation while you appear to hover over the top. Lastly, in reporter mode, your presentation will appear over your shoulder very similar to what you see on the news. How cool!


To read about how 3 of these presenter modes can help you engage and interact with your audience much better and to learn how to navigate to these presenter modes check out this Microsoft Teams info page here.




Virtual Whiteboard


Some meetings require much more than verbal conversations. Microsoft Whiteboard for Teams allows you to dig deeper with your coworkers by collaborating digitally to brainstorm, plan and visualize your ideas by using diagrams, shapes, sticky notes or grids, text, ink and pictures and more. You can learn how your organization can spice up your meetings with Whiteboard here.



Loop Components


Using loop components is another great way to collaborate and brainstorm during your meetings. A loop component is something that everyone can contribute to such as a bulleted list, checklist, numbered list, paragraph, table task list and voting table. These components will be saved to your OneDrive for future use and can also be found in your meeting recaps in the Microsoft Teams chat.



As we wrap up the first week of the new year, I hope that these cool meeting features make the return to work even more exciting. Be sure to check out part 1 if you haven’t and as always, Non-profits, thank you for allowing us to serve you and in turn help better serve our communities! 

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