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Import data from additional data sources using Power Query in Excel for Mac

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Import data from additional data sources using Power Query in Excel for Mac 

Power Query in Excel for Mac allows you to get and transform your data from various data sources. Up until now, importing data in Power Query in Excel for Mac was available only from Excel workbooks and Text/CSV files. Following the release of Power Query Editor to the General Audience and after hearing your feedback, we are excited to share that you can now import data from XML and JSON files, OData, SharePoint Online List, Blank Query, and Blank Table.  


Being able to import your data from additional sources, helps you gather data quickly and easily, and expands the amount of data you will be able to work with within Excel.

How it works 

* This example covers the import steps for the OData connector. For specific steps regarding other connectors, please see Import data from data sources (Power Query) 

  1. Select Data > Get Data (Power Query). 
  2. In the Choose data source dialog box, select OData. 

  3. In the OData Feed dialog box, enter the URL for the OData feed. 
  4. If the OData feed requires user credentials, in the Connection credentials dialog box under Authentication kind: 

    • Select Basic if the OData feed requires your username and password. 
    • Select Organizational account if the OData feed requires federated access credentials, and select Sign in. 

  5. Select Next. 



Tips & Tricks 



This feature is generally available in Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac version 16.69 (23010700) or later. See this support article to check which version you are using. 



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