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India Cloud Security Summit for All Technology Users

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Security is the most important topic for our lives, and there are diverse types of security, such as physical security, home security, and so on. In terms of the IT industry, security technology is evolving day by day to protect information and assets from threats. In the cloud era, cloud safety and security should not be limited to security engineers, but also be for everyone who uses technology.


To offer the latest information on cloud security to the users all around the world, Microsoft 365, Power Platform & Cloud Security India User group organized a one-day free virtual event India Cloud Security Summit 2022 in October 2022. This event covered all the aspects of the Microsoft cloud security-relevant topics from Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, to Endpoint security. It embraced attendees with a wonderful learning experience through deep dive sessions by Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors, Microsoft employees, industry experts, and community leaders in various parts of the world.


The Chief Organizer of this event, M365 Apps & Services MVP Vignesh Ganesan says it was a fantastic experience. He and co-organizers made a huge effort to find speakers and sponsors and promote this event to deliver appropriate information at the right time.We had about 1,300 registrations from different parts of the world, and we had to limit to 400 standing attendees on the day of the event and lot more have viewed the session recordings later ,making this event a huge success. We also had a quiz towards the end of the event, and we had a lot of participation from the attendees there as well,” Vignesh says.


This virtual event enabled everyone to join to learn regardless of their location. According to Vignesh, this cloud security-focused event attracted attendees who love to learn more about Microsoft cloud security than about general information of each product and service. “Also, since Microsoft Security offerings are growing very massively in the market, I guess we’re doing this event at the right time which makes it even more special,” Vignesh adds.


It was the second event followed by the first one, India Cloud Security Summit 2021, and Vignesh and his community members are planning the next one. He says, “As a community, we have a lot planned for 2023 and the third chapter of India Cloud Security Summit event is definitely in the cards.


As well as learning about how to use technology, we should pay attention to the secure use of technology at any time. If you would like to learn about this event, you can watch the session recordings of the India Cloud Security Summit 2022 and follow the India Cloud Security Summit account on Twitter not to miss the further event information.

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