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Which Microsoft community is right for me?

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In the last five years, Microsoft has increased the emphasis on community programs – specifically within the security, compliance, and management space.


These communities fall into two categories: Public and Private (or NDA only). In this blog, we will share a breakdown of each community and how to join.


What is community?

First let’s cover what community is. Our community programs enable potential and current customers or partners to directly connect with Microsoft engineers and other security professionals. In this program, Microsoft shares best practices, what’s new, and what’s under development, while our members share their related product experiences, needs, and recommendations. Microsoft uses this program to put the customer at the center of product development and ultimately create better products and solutions.


Solution areas covered:


Best fit for the Public Community:

There are no prerequisites to join our Microsoft Public Community.


This is a great place for any person to learn more about our products, what is new, and grow their expertise on these solutions and use cases. By signing up for the mailing list, you will be invited to learn more about our products through deep, technical webinars directly with our engineering team. You can also see on-demand videos and past recordings along with relevant presentation materials. Ninja training and certification programs are also accessible through this platform.


You can join our public community at:


Best fit for the Private Community:

Private community does have prerequisites to join. You must possess deep technical knowledge in one or more of the solutions areas above. You must be willing to dedicate time and provide continuous, actionable, feedback and recommendations to improve Microsoft solutions. Lastly, your organization must have an existing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Microsoft.


By being a part of private community, you will gain access to roadmaps, focus groups and private preview features. You will be able to share your input directly to engineering before new features go public. This platform also allows you to network with Microsoft engineering teams and fellow community participants. Because of the dedication required, this community program also allows you to earn digital badge recognitions based on your activity and contributions in the community.


You can join our private community of choice at:


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