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Learn the steps needed to protect your data and manage identity

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Today we’re sharing some new training resources and opportunities to help you build skills with these solutions—so you can use them now or get ready for a Microsoft certification exam.  


Help your organization secure your data estate with the new Microsoft Purview training guide. 

Microsoft Purview plays an integral part in securing your organization's data across clouds, devices, and platforms. 


The Microsoft training guide for Purview and data protection is an easy-to-navigate guide that quickly walks you through business needs related to information protection, insider risk management (IRM), and data loss prevention (DLP). It helps you make the most of Microsoft Purview by pointing you to specific training and technical documentation so you can: 

Review the Microsoft training guide for Purview and data protection to learn how to protect your organizational data and collaboration tools in the modern workplace. 


Leverage the Microsoft Entra ID feature guide to elevate your security posture  

Microsoft Entra ID helps safeguard your environment, elevating your security posture and protecting your data against risks.  

The new Microsoft Entra ID feature guide points you to curated documentation resources to help secure your environment with multicloud identity and access management. Explore how to: 

Review the Microsoft feature guide for Microsoft Entra ID to learn how these new features will help you address your business needs with Microsoft Security solutions.  


To explore more training and resources for security, please visit the refreshed Security documentation hub on Microsoft Learn.  

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