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Released : Public Preview of Azure Update Manager Integration with SQL Server on Linux Azure VM’s

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We are excited to announce the integration of Azure Update Manager with SQL Server on Linux Azure Virtual Machines. With Azure Update Manager, you will be able to patch your SQL Linux Azure VM’s at scale, automatically install SQL Server Cumulative Updates apart from critical or Important updates.

In case you missed, here is a blogpost about integration of SQL Server (Windows) on Azure VM integrated with Azure Update Manager.

Azure Update Manager is a unified service that helps manage updates for all your machines. By enabling Azure Update Manager, customers will now be able to: 



Users will start exploring this Update Manager from “Updates” section on virtual machine portal blade.




You can configure one-time updates as well as setup schedules.

Here is a demonstration of One-time patch operation.


Trigger the assessment by clicking “Check for updates”




Perform “One-time update” operation after you observe the assessment check completes.




Azure Update Manager is available for all supported SQL Server on Linux distributions- RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu.



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