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What’s New with GitHub for ISVs: August 2023 Edition

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: New blog articles in Microsoft Community Hub.


In this new monthly blog series focused on GitHub, we will be sharing product updates, notable reads, and other new resources that can be leveraged by ISVs who are building apps for the commercial marketplace. Check out what's new in August!


Product Updates:
1. We announced lots of enhancements to GitHub Issues & Projects allowing you to configure swimlanes on your boards , slice by field values in your project views, configure custom issue forms to automatically add an issue to a project and use a group menu for item and group actions
2. Codespaces gives you a free upgrade with more memory and 30% better CPU performance! Try them out today at
3. Upgrade with an Enterprise Account to manage and scale your users and organizations through one administrative portal
4. Support for migrating Jenkins Scripted Pipelines to GitHub Actions is now available as a private beta.
5. Repository Actions Runners List feature now in public beta, enables viewing all available runners in the Actions tab of a repository. The feature provides visibility across all GitHub Actions runners and faster access to runner labels
6. Enhancements to Security hardening of branch policies help in blocking action runs triggered from forks with branches that match the protected branch name
7. GitHub Desktop community adds highly requested features “Check Out a Commit” and “Double click to Open External Editor”
8. You can now log in with multiple GitHub accounts on GitHub Mobile, allowing your work and personal accounts to stay in touch with your projects, wherever they're happening.
9. GitHub Advanced Security customers can now perform secret scanning on-demand validity checks for supported partner patterns, and the alert index view now shows if a secret is active.

Notable Reads:
1. 10 things you didn’t know you could do with GitHub Projects Learn how to optimize your usage of GitHub Projects to plan and track your work from idea to production

2. Unleash GitHub Codespaces templates to ignite your development, streamline your project setup, improve consistency, and simplify collaboration within your development team
3. Introducing code referencing for GitHub Copilot that includes a filter to detect code suggestions matching public code on GitHub

1. Read How GitHub Social Impact is driving AI powered impact while working with nonprofit organizations, employees, and more to create positive, lasting change in global communities.

Upcoming Events:
Super-early bird tickets for GitHub Universe are now available! Highlights :
● 2000+ attendees
● 100+ speakers and 80+ sessions on the latest in AI, security, and DevEx
(developer experience)
● Certifications, AI activations, hands-on workshops, and demo booths
● IRL GitHub Shop and plenty of tasty gru

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