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What Students Learned from Collaborating with MVP

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: New blog articles in Microsoft Community Hub.

At Microsoft Build Japan, an event spotlighted in our recent blog post, three students in the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program (MLSA) organized an AI Hands-on session, 学生ハンズオン ~ChatGPTを使ったLINE BotをAzureで作成してみよう! (Build LINE Bot with ChatGPT and Azure).


This session was more than just a learning opportunity for the participants to explore the latest AI technology. It was also a fruitful collaboration with an MVP mentor where the students learned from his community experience. In this blog, we share the background of this collaboration and their learnings. The MVP mentor who passionately assisted the MLSAs right from the planning phase is a Mixed Reality MVP Seigo Tanaka.


This opportunity was the first collaboration for each of them who had been pursuing their own activities independently prior to the meeting. Despite their different backgrounds and experiences, they worked together harmoniously and effectively. The MLSAs benefited from MVP’s guidance and expertise throughout the whole process of planning and conducting the Hands-on session.


On the day of the event, two of the MLSAs joined the MVP led AI Hands-on session as supporters, and then, the students were given the opportunity to lead their own AI Hands-on session also. One of the MLSAs who supported another MVP-led Hands-on session, Masaki Takeuchi, looks back on this experience, “I learned many practical tips and tricks for running Hands-on sessions. By supporting the first Hands-on session before mine, I gained valuable insights and experience that helped me deliver a better learning experience to the participants in my session”.


They not only learned about the latest AI technology, but also improved their soft skills as community leaders. The MLSA who joined the program at the beginning of this year, Sora Takaya, shares his learning, “I learned how to make small but significant improvements, such as creating better presentation materials, setting the right atmosphere, and giving useful tips”.


Moreover, another MLSA Shinya Miyagawa enjoyed communicating with the MVPs, “This collaboration gave me the opportunity to interact with MVPs and enhance my technical knowledge by listening to their insights and advice.” In the Speaker Room, we witnessed delightful moments where they forged new connections with the MVP speakers and enjoyed discussing their respective endeavors in the community.


Seigo has been empowering students through his mentorship activity since before and was excited about this collaboration. “By sharing content related to technology, like this Hands-on, you can have a good opportunity to review and improve your knowledge level. You can also learn presentation skills that attract the audience’s interest. Furthermore, you can learn how to use technology effectively,” Seigo says.


The MLSAs are planning for additional community involvement with MVPs, including coordinating events about the latest Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Certification. This not only fosters a positive impact among the students but also underscores the importance of community solidarity for its diverse members.


Before concluding this article, we would like to share a message from Seigo for students who are eager to evolve with technology: “When we encounter a new technology, such as ChatGPT, it is crucial to prototype collaboratively with both the new and existing technologies, as we did this time. This allows you to delve deeper into its appealing aspects, which in turn can provide various leverages and inspirations for your growth. Good luck!”

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