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Skilling snack: Group Policy migration

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If you've managed Windows on premises, you've likely used Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to define settings centrally and deploy them across your organization. Microsoft Intune has many of the same settings to help you on your journey to modern device management. We've given you a taste for modernizing your environment in our skilling snack on From on premises to the cloud. Now, dig into this week's serving to migrate your existing on-premises policies to the cloud.

Time to learn: 112 minutes


Use Group Policy analytics to import and analyze GPOs in Microsoft Intune

Learn how to analyze your on-premises GPOs using Group Policy analytics. Let’s walk through getting started, exporting, and importing GPOs into Microsoft Intune. Finally, interpret the reports for readiness and consider some limitations.

(11 mins)

Intune + GPO + AD + Security Baseline + XML + CSP + KI + RBAC + Scope



Migrate your imported group policy to a policy in Microsoft Intune

You can create a Settings Catalog policy using your imported GPOs in Microsoft Intune. This feature is in public preview. Find out what roles and permissions you need to begin, review and migrate your GPOs, and resolve any conflicting settings. Use additional considerations and tips to help you with troubleshooting.

(7 mins)

Intune + GPO + Settings Catalog + Administrator + RBAC + Security



Group Policy migration | Unpacking Endpoint Management

Learn why you should consider leveraging the Settings Catalog in Microsoft Intune. Watch the Intune engineering team offer tips and tricks to help you optimize and simplify the way you manage your endpoints.

(61 mins)

Intune + Settings Catalog + Templates + Baseline + Endpoint Security + BitLocker + Firewall + Troubleshooting + Reporting + CSP + ADMX + Office + Reg Key + Graph + AGPM + RSOP + Hybrid Entra Join + GP Analytics



Policy management with Microsoft Intune

Explore the top five Intune policy tips and tricks to help keep your endpoints managed and secure. Start with the default baseline settings and customize them in collaboration with your security team. Then learn how to find appropriate settings, import or write your own ADMX files, and upgrade baselines. Follow along the helpful demos for each tip.

(26 mins)

Intune + Security Baselines + Group Policy Analytics + Settings Catalog + Filters + ADMX + GPO + CSP + Win32 + PowerShell + Graph + F12


Import custom and third-party partner ADMX templates in Microsoft Intune

If you use administrative templates, there’s a feature in public preview just for you. Learn about the prerequisites and limitations of importing ADMX templates into Microsoft Intune. First, download and add the ADMX and ADML files to Microsoft Intune admin center before creating a profile. If needed, replace existing ADMX files.

(7 mins)

ADMX + ADML + Templates + Intune + Adobe Reader + Mozilla Firefox + Zoom

We know you have a lot on your plate, so having your policies migrated to the cloud should make you cool as a cucumber.

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