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From September 14th – 28th, Hack Together: The Power Platform AI Global Hack will be in full swing! This is your chance to get skills in AI and low-code/no-code tech that will bring your ideas to life in no time! Get signed up here! (Why not, it’s free!) 


This event isn’t just for AI and Power Platform pros, this is a chance for people to come and get a handle on the latest AI and low-code/no-code tech with the support of our Microsoft community! If this is your first time, come on in! 


Throughout the event, you’ll connect with the team that builds Power Platform and Microsoft Cloud Advocates, and we can’t forget our top community members – our MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals). They’ll be on deck in the live learning sessions and forums to support you in bringing your hack ideas to life! 

And we must mention there are prizes too! (but isn’t learning the true prize...) 
Each Hack Together submission will be judged by Microsoft execs, product managers, and developer advocates for prizes in several categories, including best AI-powered solution, best combination of AI and Power Platform, and best diversity, equity, and inclusion solution! Prizes of up to $150 in the form of gift cards are on offer for each member of your team! See more about the prizes here. All participants will also receive a digital badge that you can put on your LinkedIn!  




So, what can I hack?

Well, that’s up to you! With what Power Platform gives you, there’s a whole world of hacking that you might never have imagined.  

  • Power Apps is a great way to turn existing organisational data into an app everyone in your company could use!  
  • Maybe you have way too many repetitive tasks with emails and files. Hack back your time with Power Automate! 
  • Want a “smart” website that handles questions for you? Combine Power Pages and Power Virtual Agents! 

The time of having to build every single bit of tech yourself is over. Now is the time for imagining solutions to the problems you see and bringing together pieces of tech, supercharging them with AI, and solving problems faster! With so many exciting pieces of tech and so many ways to combine them, the sky is the limit. Who knows, you might even come up with an idea to found your own start-up! 


So what’s on the agenda?

Over the 14 days, we’ll be here at each step of the way to help you get the most use of the tools at hand! As you can see here, we’ve got you covered from “ready, set, hack!” to getting started with Copilot, AI Builder, and Azure Open AI, and finally, to making sure your hack projects get submitted on GitHub! Download the calendar here.




Join the “Kickoff: Ready, Set, Hack” session to hear from our team of Power Platform Advocates as well as the VP of Power Apps himself, Ryan Cunningham. Here, you’ll get the details on the competition, their insights into how to get involved in the hack, and their vision of the exciting future of AI, Copilot, and Power Platform tech! 

  • To help you get started or to extend on an already growing hack-project, you can’t miss  
    “Intro to Power Platform Copilots”. In this session, you’ll learn about the wide world of Copilot and how it’s your new best buddy when building your AI-powered Power Platform solutions. You’ll have the chance to learn how Copilot is by your side when building Power Apps for mobile and desktop, creating Power Automate flows, and creating sites with Power Pages. Not to mention learning about how Copilot gives you a hand in setting up Power Virtual Agents to be your new AI-powered problem solver and help desk to bring AI smarts to your hack-projects. 

  • Unlock your next superPower [wink] in the “Get Started with AI Builder in Power Platform” session. Here you’ll discover what you can do with AI Builder and see demos of some of the functionality in action so you can get ideas for how to integrate AI models into your hack-creations. 

  • Want to get even more out of AI? Then “Leveraging Azure OpenAI Service in Power Platform” is right up your alley! In this session you’ll learn how you can take creating AI solutions into your own hands using Azure OpenAI. Come to this session to learn how to put an infinitely extensible AI tool into your AI toolbox! 

  • Possibly the most important session is “How to submit your projects on GitHub”! Make sure to come along to this session if you are new to GitHub or Power Platform so we can be sure to receive your submission (when the time comes!) for you hack-projects for judging! 

  • Finally, we have our Hack Together “Wrap up and Take action” session, where we’ll take a look at cool projects built during the hack! And don’t worry, it doesn’t end there, this is where you can find out how to join our Microsoft community, keep learning, and help others as well! 


What now?

We hope you decide to join us for all the fun of Hack Together! There’s only a little you need to do to prepare.  
Step 1. Create an M365 Developer Account. This blog can help you if you need a hand!

Step 2. Create a Power Platform Developer environment –  
Make sure to choose “US” as your region. The cool Power Platform Copilot tech is only available to environments set to the US region at the moment.  Check out this blog if you need a hand!

Step 3: Hack Together! 


See you at the hack!



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