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Viva Engage for Financial Services Industry – Enabling FSI customers to embrace Engage

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Regulated Workplace for FSIs

Our Financial Services Industry (FSI) customers have some of the most heavily regulated workplaces of any industry. Because of that, we look at their compliance requirements to set the baseline for what we need to build for regulated employees.

Working through multiple conversations and meetings with a group of key FSI customers, we have created a set of new capabilities that comprise a ‘Compliance Bar’ to help Viva Engage to meet the compliance needs of the FSI customers, allowing them to deploy a best of breed solution, with more trust and confidence, to increase their employee engagement and leadership communication.



Strengthening our capabilities

We have been investing in new capabilities to strengthen the compliance standards for Viva Engage and allow Financial Services customers to run regulated workplaces with confidence. This includes the following capabilities:

Security Capabilities:

Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) – authenticate the user identity and access rights on a continuous basis to ensure appropriate access
Information Barriers (IB) – follow organizational guidelines on restricted communication and information exchange between sensitive departments
Private Message Disablement – the ability for the customer to close experience and IB security concerns by using an admin setting to turn of Engage Private Messages for their tenant.
Restricted rights – limit the permissions to create communities to only specific personas

Auditing Capabilities

eDiscovery – log necessary user generated content to eDiscovery for legal investigative purposes
File retention – ensure all file attachments along with their versions are captured and retained

Moderation Capabilities

Content monitoring – ability to monitor all user content to find any non-compliant content and act timely using the new Communication Compliance solution in Purview

Our roadmap

Our roadmap highlights key investment areas to strengthen compliance capabilities for Viva Engage, to meet the core compliance requirements of our FSI customers.



Time to Engage!

If you are an FSI customer, reach out to your account teams to get started to deploy Viva Engage and build a strong engaged community in your organization.

Want to learn more? We are hosting a webinar where we will share more detail on everything in this blog!

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