Coding4Fun November 2016 Round-Up

That was a great month. The Connect(); // 2016 event was pretty awesome and the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US gave us some time to reflect and be thankful for friends and family.

The Codign4Fun blog chugged on, highlighting cool Surface Dial samples, tons of VS Snippets, cool Small Basic posts and more…

Coding4Fun Blog

Radical Samples for the Surface Dial
PSA: Fixing Dirty COW on the Raspberry Pi
Snippetica, 1,581 Snippets and Counting…
Nothing Cheesy in the “Cheese Edition” of the C# Yellow Book
Codify The Build Light
Guarding the code with Package Security Alerts and Roslyn Security Guard
45 (and counting) ASP.NET Core Samples
HoloLens App on a Raspberry PI?
Visual Studio 2017 Extensions Update
Big or Small, Every Girl Can Code with Help from Small Basic
Coloring VS Instances with SolutionColor

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect Sensing in Small Basic
Kinect for Windows 10 Driver, Hello Support and Code Samples Now Available
Wii Nunchuk for HoloLens
Kinect, Windows 10 1607, UWP and you…

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Stardew Valley Coming to Xbox One on December 14

In Stardew Valley, you start with an overgrown plot of land, a few hand-me-down tools, and a small amount of money. What you use them for is up to you! Stardew Valley is a country-life role playing game in which you make a new life for yourself by living off the land and getting to know the local townspeople. There are many ways to find success… try your hand at farming, fishing, mining, foraging, fighting monsters, and raising animals. While making a living is an important part of your new life, you’ll also want to make friends with the locals….

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Merging intelligence with productivity—a demo tour of recent Office app updates

On today’s Microsoft Mechanics, we look at the latest in intelligent Office app experiences spanning PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook and the browser. Ben Walters presents how Office can bring in intelligence via the Microsoft Graph, Azure Machine Learning and Delve to save you time.

The post Merging intelligence with productivity—a demo tour of recent Office app updates appeared first on Office Blogs.

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New to Office 365 in November—new collaboration capabilities and more

This month, we’re announcing several updates to the Office apps to help you easily and effectively collaborate with others. This includes real-time co-authoring in PowerPoint, the ability to upload attachments to the cloud directly from Outlook and other collaboration capabilities. —Read on to learn more.

The post New to Office 365 in November—new collaboration capabilities and more appeared first on Office Blogs.

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Talking DevOps, hardcore air hockey and more with Donovan Brown

Donovan Brown was a new technical seller at Microsoft struggling with a demo when he sent the email that changed his life. “I had completely hosed the VM [virtual machine] I was using,” Brown recalled. He sent a desperate, cold-call email to a technical evangelist for help, which led to an invite for Brown to demo on stage, which led to a meteoric career rise. Three years later, the once-unknown … Read more »

The post Talking DevOps, hardcore air hockey and more with Donovan Brown appeared first on The Official Microsoft Blog.

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Big Data explained, with Seth and Datameer’s Andrew Brust

Seth talks to Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Datameer’s Senior Director for Market Strategy and Intelligence, Andrew Brust, about Big Data. Seth and Andrew discuss a working definition of Big Data, some of the key technologies behind it and how it ties into BI. The Datameer product, and its integrations with Azure HDInsight are discussed as well, as are NoSQL databases and how they are slowly converging with relational database stalwarts like SQL Server and DB2.




Andrew’s posts on ZDNet’s “Big on Data” blog:

Datameer on the Azure Marketplace:

Apache Hadoop:

Apache Spark:

Apache Kafka:

JSON Data on SQL Server:



MongoDB API on DB2:

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