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A lightning tour of the new Microsoft Tech Community

On today’s Microsoft Mechanics, community manager Anna Chu gives a lightning tour of the Microsoft Tech Community. If you haven’t seen or joined the community, it’s the single place where experts in the community can share, collaborate and learn about products and services across Microsoft.

In this demonstration, Anna shows how to sign up to become a member of the community, search for answers to questions, personalize your experience to just the products and services that you want to follow, post new conversations and reply to conversations, view member status and build your community status, and access popular event content within the community.

As you’ll see in this hands-on demonstration, the Microsoft Tech Community is the place to connect with peers, experts and Microsoft staff to follow and contribute to conversations across your favorite Microsoft products, services and events. We’ve recently added communities and spaces for Microsoft Teams and Surface Devices with more on the way.

To get started, sign up at the Microsoft Tech Community. You can also follow the community on Twitter for major news and promoted posts.

—Jeremy Chapman

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