Azure CycleCloud integration with Microsoft HPC Pack

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Azure CycleCloud , a powerful tool to construct HPC environment on Azure. Now helps you to create, orchestrate and manage the infrastructure for HPC systems using Microsoft HPC Pack.   The Microsoft HPC Pack  scheduler is now integrated with Azure CycleCloud. The Microsoft HPC Pack 2016 and HPC Pack 2019  versions are both available for you to choose during cluster creation.


Azure CycleCloud’s integration with HPC Pack offers a simple way to submit complex jobs and launch compute resources within minutes without hassle. Azure CycleCloud  is a resource orchestrator for managing HPC clusters in the cloud. With CycleCloud you can manage and control the compute resource utilization and cost.   The combination of Azure CycleCloud and HPC Pack scheduler allows the user to fully scale their environment with VM Scale Set nodes from zero to thousands of nodes and back per job with no permanent nodes to manage and maintain. This allows the customer to focus on the workloads rather than the environment and script the provision with Infrastructure as Code.


Microsoft HPC Pack 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft’s free HPC scheduler.  HPC Pack is  capable to handle very complex computational workloads with embarrassingly parallel computation capabilities on Windows clusters.  HPC Pack is a good fit  for HPC workloads in the industries like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance , Rendering ,Genomics research and many other industries.


For more information on deploying HPC Pack clusters with CycleCloud , visit the CycleCloud documentation

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