Fluent Bit connector for Azure Storage to support Azure Data Explorer streaming

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Fluent Bit and Azure Data Explorer have agreed to a collaboration and released a new output connector for Azure Blob Storage. Fluent Bit is an open source and multi-platform log processor tool, and the new Azure Blob output connector is released under the Apache License 2.0.

The new output connector can be used to output large volumes of data from Fluent Bit and ingest logs to Azure Blob Storage. From Azure Blob Storage, logs can be imported in near real-time to Azure Data Explorer using Azure Event Grid. The Azure Blob output plugin can be used with General Purpose v2 and Blob Storage accounts and is supported with Standard and Premium storage accounts. It also includes support for the Azurite emulator, allowing customers to test and validate the format of output logs locally.

The Azure Blob output connector can be quickly configured and once enabled logs will immediately begin flowing to the configured storage account and container. Once the logs are in Azure Blob Storage, they can be ingested to Azure Data Explorer using one-click ingestion and Event Grid notifications. The connector can output both block blobs and append blobs to an Azure storage account. However, only block blobs are supported by Azure Data Explorer for ingestion.

Learn more about how to configure the Azure Blob output connector from Fluent Bit and get started ingesting your logs to Azure Data Explorer from Azure Blob Storage today.


Please ensure you use the latest version of the code.

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