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Recommendations and insights to enrich the Configuration Manager site health and device management

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You can now use the Microsoft Intune admin center to view recommendations and insights for your Configuration Manager sites. These recommendations can help you improve the site health and infrastructure along with enriching the device management experience.  


With so many features and updates available, implementing the right available resources for your infrastructure management is essential. You might be new to the management world, or even if you have been managing your company’s infrastructure for a long time, this feature will provide you with insights that can help you to level up.  


We are currently providing recommendations that can help in following ways:   



These recommendations will be based on your current site infrastructure and settings. Applying the recommendations is solely the admin’s discretion.  


We have created recommendation for TA customer solely based on their Site Configuration without interfering customer's privacy. Each recommendation points out how customer is leveraging features provided in site configuration. Recommendations are derived from database. Each recommendation is evaluated and updated in the next cycle. Recommendation will not be visible in the next cycle if fully applied or recommendation insight will be changed if partially applied.  Every cycle we inspect the customer DB through static query and then flow this insight to cloud to show the recommendation. 


How can you view the recommendations?  


A user with global admin rights will be able to view recommendations for configuration manager sites that are version 2211 or higher and tenant attached.  


To view recommendations, open the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, and go to Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, and select a site to view recommendations for that site.  Once selected, you’ll find the Recommendations tab that displays each insight along with a Learn more link that opens details on how to apply that recommendation.  



We are open to adding more recommendations in future and would love to hear from you!

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