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Customize Teams for Telehealth Appointments: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that can help healthcare workers communicate, collaborate, and provide quality care to their patients.  One of the benefits of using Teams in healthcare is that it can easily be extended to provide a secure platform for telehealth appointments.  


With Teams Premium, you can customize the lobby and pre-join experience with your organization’s logos and colors. You also have the option to publish video backgrounds across the organization so your staff can easily select them when sharing video during a telehealth appointment.   In this post, you will learn how to customize the meeting experience in Teams to create a more personal and professional telehealth experience.


Branding the meeting experience 

Meeting customization policies allow you to change the look and feel of Teams meetings. To get started, either create a new policy for users who will be engaged with virtual appointments or select the “Global” policy to customize the meetings for everyone in your organization. 


This can be found in the Teams Admin Center, Home -> Meetings -> Customization Policies 


Select “Add” to create the Virtual Appointment policy or open the “Global” policy. 



Select “Add a theme” to upload your logo, then select a background image for the meeting, and finally select a color that represents your organization. 




Once this is configured, you can preview the customizations and confirm everything is configured as expected. 


Next, you can allow users of this policy to override the theme. 


Finally, upload custom virtual backgrounds for people to use when sharing their video in a meeting. 



These backgrounds will be available for users to select when sharing their video in a Teams call.


Once you have configured and saved the theme, simply assign the template policy to the appropriate users. If you used the Global policy, no further action is needed, custom policies can be assigned using the Teams Admin Center or PowerShell. 


The look and feel of the customizations will vary based on the client, check the article linked below for the latest information: 
Meeting themes for Teams meetings 


Once complete, people joining a meeting will see the following: 



Get started today with a trial of Teams Premium, search for "Microsoft Teams Premium Trial" in the Billing section of Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


Thanks for reading, a summary of all the links and resources is below: 

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