Recording: How to Break Free from Traditional VDI with W365

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Recording: As healthcare organizations invested heavily in traditional VDI on-premises solutions are found at a crossroads; continue with complex, costly infrastructure, management overhead or pivot to a future where agility, simplicity, and innovation leadWindows 365 presents as the steppingstone to revolutionize healthcare experience for windows ecosystems.


This is a virtual webinar event series for healthcare focused on Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC Cloud Virtualization Desktop solution (a SaaS product), be sure to follow the full agenda for other sessions:



Our Speakers

We have the pleasure of delivering a selective experience with a broad range of speakers focused on healthcare from (technical, specialist and engineering), and make sure to follow them.


Juan_Sifuentes_3-1710442391076.png Juan Sifuentes

Juan_Sifuentes_3-1710442391076.png Jesse Asmond

Juan_Sifuentes_3-1710442391076.png Sam Tulimat





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Key Topics:

Introduction and agenda: Juan, Jesse and Sam introduced themselves and their roles and gave an overview of the session on Windows 365 and how it differs from traditional VDI.


Windows 365 vs traditional VDI: Juan explained how Windows 365 simplifies and automates the provisioning, management and security of cloud PCs, and how it can reduce complexity and cost compared to traditional VDI.


Windows 365 licensing models and use cases: Juan and Sam described the two licensing models for Windows 365: enterprise and frontline, and how they cater to different user scenarios and needs, such as shift workers, task workers, remote workers, etc.


Independent research and resources: Jesse shared some data and insights from Gartner and Forrester on the desktop as a service market and the business value of Windows 365, and also mentioned the availability of trials and partner assistance for customers.


Windows 365 frontline roadmap: Sam gave a preview of the upcoming features and enhancements for Windows 365 frontline, especially for the task worker scenario, such as faster login and resource sharing.


Video Recording


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Thank you for stopping by; Juan Sifuentes | CETS | Healthcare.

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