Extend Your IoT Learning with these Extended IoT Scenarios

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Still trying to wrap your head about the Azure IoT hub? Or maybe looking for a fun summer project?

Alan Liang and team have some great in-depth/extended IoT scenarios just for you! They will help you get up to speed on IoT, and hey, you don't even need a device to get started!

Find What You Want to Learn about IoT with Our Extended IoT Scenarios

IoT is deeply connected with many different fields in technology. From big data to machine learning, all of these topics combined together may perhaps overload new IoT developers on where to begin and what projects to start developing.

In response, we at the Azure IoT developer division have written many different use-case tutorials for Azure IoT. These tutorials cover a variety of tech topics and involve a multitude of different Azure services and tools. Our goal is to help IoT developers, makers, and enthusiasts to explore, get started with, and prototype projects that Azure IoT, and by extent all of Azure, has to offer. In fact, you do not even need to own a physical device to explore these extended IoT scenarios; all of these tutorials are compatible with our Raspberry Pi Online Simulator.

Below you can find two different methods of groupings for the extended use case tutorials. One is by tech topic or field, and the other is by Azure service. Whether you are looking to learn more about Azure's wide variety of services or explore the many different applications of IoT, our goal here is to help you easily find what to learn about and play around with.

For IoT makers and enthusiasts, some of our example solutions could be potentially great maker/DIY project ideas. In fact, some of these use-cases could be modified and applied to similar instances.


By Tech Topic

Machine Learning

Play around with Azure Machine Learning and learn how to conduct a weather forecast using the temperature and humidity data from your Azure IoT hub. The chance of rain is the output of a prepared weather prediction model.


Data visualization

Learn how to conduct real-time data processing and implement data visualization as an IoT solution. There are two different Azure services that can help you visualize real-time sensor data: Power BI and Azure web applications.


Device Command and Control

Azure IoT provides various device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication options that also allow you to manage your devices. Device-to-cloud messages could be sensor data that your device collects and sends to your IoT hub, while cloud-to-device messages could be commands that your IoT hub sends to your device, such as a blink on an LED that is connected to your device.


By Azure Service

IoThub-explorer tool: Learn how to manage your devices and conduct cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messaging using iothub-explorer, part of Azure IoT hub.

Azure table storage ...

Azure web apps ...

Azure machine learning ...

Azure logic apps ...

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