Coding4Fun July 2017 Round-up

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This month was kind of fun. Lots of cool IoT projects, new versions of our favorite tools and some interesting Visual Studio extensions...

Coding4Fun Blog

"Open In.." About Everything...
Old School Cards.dll in Today's WPF
The Small Micro:bit Makes it Big in the US and Canada
Visual Studio 2017 Refactoring Essentials
The UWP Community Toolkit is 1 1/2! (v1.5)
Visual Studio Code Your Arduino
'17's Where Am I
Oh Babylon...js v3!
Maker Code with MakeCode!
Debug your debugging with the Debug Trace Logger
Working UrhoSharp with Xamarin Workbooks
Extend Your IoT Learning with these Extended IoT Scenarios

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Floating HoloLens Screen
Kinect to a Giant T. rex Skull
Image Recognition, Vuforia and the HoloLens


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