TWC9: Tons of Go New, #FiveThings Renewed, Turn Sketches Into Code, a LEGO Bugatti, and more | This Week On Channel 9

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[00:23] [.NET Conf]( - September 12 - 14, Save the Date

[00:44] [Microsoft Ignite]( - September 24 - 28

[01:12] Lots of big news from the Go community -- including [Go 1.11](, [Go 2 Draft Designs](, and the entire 7-part [Go on Azure series]( on Azure Friday

[02:00] [#FiveThings Renewed for Season 2](

[02:17] [Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott, featuring Andrew Ng](

[02:53] [IoT Hub Integration with Event Grid Goes GA]( and an episode of the [IoT Show]( showing how it works

[03:33] [Sketch2Code]( - Turn Whiteboard Sketches into Working Code. Check out the [GitHub repo]( and the [actual app](

[04:17] [Office 365 Will Get Auto AI Audio/Video Transcripts]( and [more activations for O365 Home and Personal plans](

* **Christina's Pick of the Week:**

[05:23] [Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron that drives!]( and check out the [LEGO project page]( and the [video showing how it was built](

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