The Azure Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet helps you choose the right algorithm

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Download: Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet

Download the cheat sheet here: Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet (11x17 in.)


Download and print the Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet in tabloid size to keep it handy and get help choosing an algorithm.



Every machine learning algorithm has its own style or inductive bias. For a specific problem, several algorithms may be appropriate, and one algorithm may be a better fit than others. But it's not always possible to know beforehand which is the best fit. In cases like these, several algorithms are listed together in the cheat sheet. An appropriate strategy would be to try one algorithm, and if the results are not yet satisfactory, try the others.

To learn more about the algorithms in Azure Machine Learning, go to the Algorithm and module reference.

To Learn more about the Azure Machine Learning Cheat Sheet see

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