Molecular Challenge – Small Basic Featured Thread

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Following two thread are creating many screen shots of molecules.

I'd like to introduce some of them here.  Today's featured molecule is methane.



NZQ605 by Thaelmann-Pioniere


CH4 by Tryhest.png

XVH564-0 by Tryhest


CH4 by WhTurner33.png

listed here by WhTurner33



TNJ697-1 by Nonki


Can you find following molecules in these threads?

  • H2O
  • H2O2
  • HCHO
  • HC(O)OCH3
  • HCl
  • CH4
  • CH3OH
  • C2H5OH
  • C3H4
  • C6H6
  • C6H4(CO)2O
  • C10H8
  • CO2
  • CCl4
  • CCl3F
  • O3
  • (NH2)2CO
  • SiF4

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