Have you been sent home to work? How can you use technology to stay connected & productive?

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As we all are aware of the news and what is going on with COVID-19, many of you have been sent home to work for the first time ever. At Microsoft we have been working remotely for years, so this is not new to us. A group of us have come together to provide a bunch of quick tips and how to videos for working remotely. These are mostly centered around how to use Microsoft Teams to stay connected to your co-workers, friends and family as well as how to stay productive with work. 


We provide ideas about how to have side conversation with people even though you are not in the same room or building as them, we talk about how to meet with a large group of people to talk about a project or prepare for a presentation, in a future post we will have one of our managers discuss how to stay in touch with your team and continue mentoring and coaching them across distances. We show how to share files and have multiple people editing them in real time. The list goes on and on... 


We hope you get value out of our How to video series. If there is content we missed that you would like to learn more about, please post in the comments below and we will try our best to add more videos. 


Thanks to all my teammates for contributing and happy watching. 


IT pros, HR leads, Marketing folks and Internal Communications these are free, please take and use them at your will to help train and educate your employees. 


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