Update to the Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK

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We are happy to announce that an updated version of the Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK, version 5.2006.1037.1000 is now available on NuGet.org.

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • BITS downloads and uploads may fail if communicating with an HTTPS management point
  • BITS downloads and uploads may fail if using non-standard ports
  • RecurringWeeklyScheduleToken can’t set number of weeks
  • File collection paths may be double-escaped
  • Incorrect operating system version when sending DDRs on Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 and later
  • Inventory messages may fail to send on a leap day
  • Management point may reject inventory messages when using the CcmSender sender
  • Site server senders may fail to discover inbox location if one or more registry subkeys are inaccessible

The following improvements have been made in this release:

  • Improvements around multi-threaded calls to the HttpSender sender
  • ConfigMgrBitsDownloadRequest messages no longer require specifying a message sender when using SendMessage()
  • General improvements around message sending performance

We invite you to try out the updated Client Messaging SDK package here and leave us some feedback on our User Voice site .

The Configuration Manager Team

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