Synapse Workspace Pools and On Demand Inaccessible

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In the event that you try and connect to your SQL Pool or SQL OD database in Synapse Workspace after creating it , you could experience one of the following failures which is preventing you to access the databases objects, execute scripts or view objects within the Synapse Workspace. 




Network Error when trying to view Database Objects in the workspace 


SYnapse Network error.png


AJAX Error when selecting the database and running a statement against it in the Develop Widget 


Ajax error.png


SQL On Demand database is greyed out when attempting to connect to it and run a script against the database in the Develop widget.


sql OD unreachable.PNG

Cause and Mitigation

Local network is restricting access to the SQL Logical Services on Port 443 and Port 1443. 

Allow access to the services on the specified ports which would grant access to the web endpoint of the database services. 


Additional information can also be found in the following article



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