TechNet Gallery retirement and Exchange Team contributions

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You might (or might not) be aware that the TechNet Gallery site is going to be retired soon (currently planned for June 2020).

Over the years, we (on this blog) have published many different script samples and post related files there. We would then link to the Gallery page to download the actual script or file referred to in a blog post.

Now that the site is going to go away, we have done the work of going back through all of our contributions to the Gallery site and – if those contributions are still relevant and current, we added them to their respective blog posts as attachments (and modified the posts to say so).

I wanted to mention this because over the years, various sites and pages might have linked directly to our (and other) Gallery contributions. For contributions mentioned in our blog posts, you will now find those attached to their respective blog posts (typically, the first blog post where we announced particular script or file). A great example can be seen here.

Another reason for mentioning this is so if you reply on TechNet Gallery file hosting for your scripts, or you use code from there, you should reach out to script/code owners and ask them where they will migrate the content after the site is decommissioned.

If you see any issues with files we have published as part of our blog posts, comment here! (Unless it is about those 4 Exchange 2003 VBS scripts which I decided to simply leave behind...)

Nino Bilic

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