Recent updates to the Microsoft 365 admin center

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The Microsoft 365 admin center——is the hub of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your Microsoft 365 admin experience, we have enhanced the Settings area, enabled dark mode across most pages, added several enhancements related to Microsoft 365 Groups, and added provisioning status for Microsoft Teams.


Org settings

Org settings is used to configure your organization’s profile and services and security and privacy for Microsoft 365. In previous versions of the Microsoft 365 admin center, these categories were separate pages under Settings. Many customers told us that it was hard to find specific settings in the Microsoft 365 admin center. To address these challenges, we released an updated experience that lets you manage settings for your organization across these categories in a single page, with each of the above category now a tab on the page.


Org settings in the Microsoft 365 admin center

The new tabbed layout, shown below, makes it easier and faster to navigate the different categories within Settings.


Tabs in Org settings make it easier to find what you're looking for

We’ve also made it easier to find the setting you’re looking for with a Search all settings option.


Use Search in the Microsoft 365 admin center to search across all Org settings

Try out the new Org settings experience today and let us know what you think!


Dark Mode

Dark mode is ideal for increasing battery life, working in darker environments, and reducing eye strain. is now available on most of our pages in the Microsoft 365 admin center! Dark mode preview was introduced back June 2019, and since then you’ve told us you want dark mode across more pages in the Microsoft 365 admin center.


Using Search in Org settings in Dark mode

You can turn dark mode on the homepage or on the company header, using the “dark mode” button. Any page that is available in dark mode also has a “dark mode” button on the top right. For any pages that are not yet available in dark mode, we’re working on releasing those as well in the next few months. Try out dark mode and let us know what you think!


Groups management updates

Based on your feedback, we released several updates around the management of Microsoft 365 Groups, such as:

  • Export groups
  • Team creation improvements for groups
  • Edit group e-mail address
  • Sort by group name
  • Restore deleted group

Export Groups

One of our most requested features is the ability to export groups. We’re excited to announce that information in the group list can now be exported as a .csv file. You can export the groups list using filtered properties or search results.

Export Microsoft 365 Groups to a .csv file in the Microsoft 365 admin center


Team creation improvements

We’ve improved the team creation experience by adding more information in the UI and improving error messages when creating a group and adding people to a group, which makes creating new teams from groups easier.

Creating new teams from groups is easier with new user experience

Edit group e-mail addresses

We’ve also added the ability to edit the email address for a Microsoft 365 Group on the General tab of the group properties.


Manage email addresses and aliases for Microsoft 365 Groups

Sort Groups by name

Groups can now be sorted alphabetically by name by clicking on the Group name column header.

Sort Groups using the Group name column header

Restore deleted groups

Previously, you needed to use the Azure portal or PowerShell to restore a deleted group. You can now use Restore group on the Deleted Groups page to recover deleted groups (note that in some cases, it may take as long as 24 hours for the group and all of its data to be restored).


Easily restore deleted groups using the Microsoft 365 admin center

We're continuously adding new features to the Microsoft 365 admin center based on your feedback. Note that some features get rolled out at different speeds to our customers, so if you aren't seeing a feature yet, try adding yourself to targeted release.

And be sure to keep giving us feedback using the feedback options within the Microsoft 365 admin center!


Use in-product Feedback to tell us what you think and how we can improve


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