Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 90

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Apache Tomcat Server on CentOS 7.7.png

Apache Tomcat Server on CentOS 7.7: This image built by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Apache Tomcat server on CentOS 7.7. Apache Tomcat is an open-source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket technologies.

Apache Tomcat Server on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Apache Tomcat Server on Ubuntu 18.04: This image built by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Apache Tomcat server on Ubuntu 18.04. Apache Tomcat is an open-source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket technologies.

Application Modernization with Ionate's.png

Application Modernization with Ionate's AI/ML: Ionate's Application Modernization platform dramatically accelerates the digital transformation of legacy systems. The AI/ML-driven platform understands the original business logic of legacy systems and requires no human intervention during the modernization phase.

BizDev Assistant.png

BizDev Assistant: BizDev Assistant from Luciditi Ltd. is an intelligent relationship management tool that helps you grow your network and generate more sales. Get a weekly business development report via email, with all the information you need to nurture your network without leaving your inbox.

Blue Prism Cloud Hub.png

Blue Prism Cloud Hub: The business-friendly interface of Blue Prism Cloud's Hub gives organizations insight into their process automation landscape, including digital worker utilization and performance. Hub also supports center of excellence (COE) roles and responsibilities to guide successful, scalable outcomes.

Blue Prism Cloud IADA.png

Blue Prism Cloud IADA: Blue Prism Cloud Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant (IADA) acts as the brain of the Blue Prism digital workforce, overseeing cross-departmental workers. IADA aligns business metrics to varied workloads to drive priorities and SLAs and to determine order.

Blue Prism Cloud Interact.png

Blue Prism Cloud Interact: Blue Prism Cloud Interact is a web interface that acts as a bridge between people and digital workers. Accessible via a browser on any computer or mobile device, Interact is designed to address any process that requires manual initiation or human intervention.

Blue Prism Cloud SaaS Digital Workforce.png

Blue Prism Cloud SaaS Digital Workforce: Blue Prism Cloud SaaS Digital Workforce is a turnkey intelligent automation solution that enables companies to access and deploy intelligent digital workers from the cloud to accelerate digital transformation and swiftly extend the benefits of automation across the enterprise.

BlueSales (social media CRM).png

BlueSales (CRM for social media): BlueSales is a cloud CRM system for working with customers through social networks and messengers such as VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Create bots that correspond with customers to automate customer interaction. This app is available only in Russian.

BOTCHAN for LP.png

BOTCHAN for LP: BOTCHAN for LP is an interactive advertising solution that enables users to connect chatbots to Facebook and LINE ad transition destinations. Collect and visualize customer data while delivering an exceptional customer experience. This app is available only in Japanese.

CentOS 8.1 (Cloud Whiz).png

CentOS 8.1: Cloud Whiz Solutions offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 8.1. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.

CentOS 8.1 (Skylark).png

CentOS 8.1: Skylark Cloud offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 8.1. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.

CentOS 8.2 (Cloud Whiz).png

CentOS 8.2: Cloud Whiz Solutions offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 8.2. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.

CentOS 8.2 (skylark).png

CentOS 8.2: Skylark Cloud offers this pre-configured, ready-to-run image of CentOS 8.2. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.

Church Management System.png

Church Management System: iChurch from Web Synergies is a comprehensive digital solution for all activities related to church work. Improve member communications, measure attendance and outreach, and gather robust insights into your overall involvement, impact, and growth.


ClinicalWorks/ADR on Azure: ClinicalWorks/ADR is a safety information management system for pharmaceutical companies and medical devices. It includes support for domestic regulations, data exchange with headquarters and affiliates, and more. This app is available only in Japanese.


Cloudockit: Cloudockit generates fully editable 2D and 3D Visio or diagrams of your cloud and on-premises environments. Save time and energy, reduce the risk of errors, and define templates to work with your own style every time.

CloudSphere CMP.png

CloudSphere CMP: CloudSphere's Cloud Migration Planning (CMP) platform provides migration planning and governance. Accelerate migrations with agentless discovery and application dependency mapping and provide real-time monitoring with auto remediation capabilities.


ComplEtE: Supporting supply chain managers in all sectors, PORINI's ComplEtE uses artificial intelligence to replicate the entire value chain to boost performance and reduce overall lead time.

Contour Helm Chart.png

Contour Helm Chart: Bitnami provides this pre-configued Helm chart of Contour, an open-source Kubernetes ingress controller that works by deploying the Envoy proxy as a reverse proxy and load balancer. Bitnami ensures its Helm charts are secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices.

Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment.png

Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment: Disaster Technologies' Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE) provides emergency managers with tools for web-based data visualization, self-service analytics, and data science. With DICE, they can explore a disaster risk data inventory before, during, and after a disaster.

DataFleets - Federated Machine Learning and SQL.png

DataFleets - Federated Machine Learning and SQL: DataFleets is a cloud platform for unified, privacy-preserving enterprise data analytics that makes it easy to deploy federated learning, differential privacy, secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, and more.

DEFEND3D Suite.png

DEFEND3D Suite: Wippit Ltd.'s DEFEND3D suite is a secure transmission service for remote 3D printing. DEFEND3D's security protocol provides end-to-end protection, allowing you to utilize virtual inventory to manufacture parts in remote locations without any file transfers.

Digital Twin Starter Pack.png

Digital Twin Starter Pack: Digital Twin Starter Pack provides a glimpse of Digital Twinning Australia's three services (Platform as a Service, Data as a Service, and Analytics as a Service), allowing you to build a minimum viable product and a defensible business case.

DirectID Open Banking Platform.png

DirectID Open Banking Platform: The ID Co. Limited’s DirectID open banking platform assesses bank statement information, affordability, and income to help businesses overcome the challenges of risk, compliance, and fraud. DirectID provides account information service provider (AISP) services in the United Kingdom.

Docker container with prestashop

Docker container with prestashop SEAQ Servicios SAS provides this pre-configured image of a Docker container with PrestaShop, a free and open-source e-commerce web platform. The lightweight image lets you deploy to Microsoft Azure Container Instances without having to provision or manage any underlying infrastructure.

dvelop contract for Microsoft 365.png

d.velop contract for Microsoft 365: d.velop contract for Microsoft 365 extends SharePoint to create an efficient and intuitive digital contract management platform. Quickly and easily create digital contract files, optimize your processes, and increase transparency across your organization with d.velop contract.

Eclipse Analytics.png

Eclipse Analytics: Powered by Microsoft Power BI, Eclipse Analytics is a SaaS solution for public safety answer points (PSAP), 911 centers, and states to report on 911 caller statistics simply and authoritatively. Leverage reporting and analytics to facilitate data-driven operational improvements.

EcoStruxure for Real Estate.png

EcoStruxure for Real Estate: Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure for Real Estate enables building managers to remotely adjust sensor data, ranging from temperature, humidity, and noise levels to energy use, equipment performance, and space usage. 


EMPHASIGHT: EMPHASIGHT is a financial analysis and fraud detection solution for index and risk scenario analysis of financial reporting and transaction data. Available only in Japanese, EMPHASIGHT helps strengthen the strategic governance of subsidiaries for in-depth management insights.

FeedbackFruits Tool Suite.png

FeedbackFruits Tool Suite: FeedbackFruits Tool Suite originated out of a desire to stimulate interaction between students and teachers. Make every course engaging with a suite of pedagogical tools that enriches Microsoft Teams and learning management systems.


Geometrid: Geometrid is a SaaS solution that enables construction project stakeholders to gain visibility across their supply chain. Building owners, developers, and contractors get real-time updates in an interactive 3D environment for element tracking, progress monitoring, analytics, and reporting.

Honeywell Forge Connect.png

Honeywell Forge Connect: Honeywell Forge Connect brings data together across building systems and sites, informing data-driven decisions to help you transform your business operations. All building systems are connected in the same manner, with one connectivity strategy.

Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance.png

Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance: Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance is a SaaS solution for building owners and operators. Digitized Maintenance offers guided real-time performance insights across portfolios, improving operating efficiencies.

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization.png

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization: Through a combination of edge and cloud intelligence, the Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization solution agnostically connects diverse building systems and normalizes performance data.

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation 10.4.1.png

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation 10.4.1: Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation (EDP) empowers DataOps teams to rapidly discover, blend, cleanse, enrich, transform, govern, and operationalize data pipelines at enterprise scale across hybrid and cloud data lakes for faster insights.


InternetCloudGateway: InternetCloudGateway is a flexible security gateway environment on Microsoft Azure that can meet a variety of challenges. Available only in Japanese, the InternetCloudGateway service gives you the flexibility to customize security gateway features.

Kepler Platform by Stradigi.png

Kepler Platform by Stradigi AI (ML & AI): The Kepler platform enables you to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning projects to market faster. Accelerate AI adoption by automating the end-to-end ML process, enabling users with no ML experience to solve hundreds of business-critical use cases.

Learning Device Tracking Platform.png

Learning Device Tracking Platform: The Learning Device Tracking Platform works with Microsoft Monitoring Agent to deliver reports on device configurations and performance across the enterprise. Generate software usage rate, device usage area, device usage rate reports, and more. This app is available in Chinese.

Luware Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams.png

Luware Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams: Luware Compliance Recording is a secure, enterprise-grade recording solution for Microsoft Teams that captures all communications features available in Teams: voice calling, chat, audio and video meetings, screen sharing, and IM attachments across all regulated users.

ManageEngine Access Manager Plus with 10 Users.png

ManageEngine Access Manager Plus with 10 Users: ManageEngine Access Manager Plus is a remote access solution that ensures granular access for users. This VPN alternative enables users to monitor and record all actions and provide real-time control over every remote session.

Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF).png

Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF): Modshield is a robust application firewall that protects online businesses by acting as an intrusion prevention system and validating all traffic to and from applications. It provides early detection and blocking to help businesses stay protected with minimal human interaction.

Nozomi Networks Guardian Appliance.png

Nozomi Networks Guardian Appliance: Nozomi Networks Guardian unlocks visibility in your converged operational technology and IoT networks for accelerated security and digital transformation by delivering network visualization, asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection in a single application.

oilfield ai waterflood.png waterflood: Maillance's waterflooding optimization is an AI-enabled solution that helps operators determine the optimal water injection schedule in real time. It facilitates fast decision-making with a focus on recovery rate, oil produced, water cut, and cost per barrel.

Phoenix Enterprise DX.png

Phoenix Enterprise DX: Phoenix Energy Technologies' Enterprise Data Xchange (EDX) platform controls, manages, and monitors millions of data points from HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, industrial, and consumer-facing machines to provide predictions and insights that help maximize comfort and savings.

ProDigi - Vehicle Routing.png

ProDigi - Vehicle Routing: Built for the unique challenges that distributors and logistics partners face in urban and rural Africa, ProDigi Vehicle Routing automates your order allocation to help you plan highly efficient routes and deliver insights to help steer your logistics network as it grows.

Radius Tactical Mapping.png

Radius Tactical Mapping: Integrated with your 911 phone system, RapidDeploy's Radius Tactical Mapping enables you to perform searches for addresses, points of interest, and place names in addition to all common geodetic formats, such as latitude, longitude, altitude, what3words, and Google Plus codes.

SAP Integration for Microsoft Teams.png

SAP Integration for Microsoft Teams: Marc Hofer's SAP Integration for Microsoft Teams establishes communication between your SAP landscape and your Teams channels to drive transparency. This app is available only in German.

Seera - Talent Management 216x216.png

Seera - Talent Management: Seera's framework-agnostic SeeraCloud Workforce Alignment Platform provides organizations with automation, data-driven decision support, workflows, and analysis across performance management at the individual, team, and organization levels.

Spark Digital Workspace.png

Spark Digital Workspace: Spark is a turnkey intranet solution for midsize companies using Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams. It is inspired by the employee engagement and collaboration experiences built for the most iconic brands in the world but customized to meet your business's requirements.

SphereShield Ethical Wall for Microsoft Teams.png

SphereShield Ethical Wall for Microsoft Teams: Offering comprehensive control over communications, SphereShield Ethical Wall for Microsoft Teams enables compliance officers to customize and set privacy in real time. Control who can communicate with whom and apply policies for external or internal users and groups.

StoryShare Connect.png

StoryShare Connect: StoryShare Connect encourages effortless employee engagement, collaboration, and communication. It delivers exceptional employee communications using software optimized to reach anyone anywhere at any time and on any device.

StoryShare Learn.png

StoryShare Learn: StoryShare Learn provides a next-generation learning experience in Microsoft Teams. Create your own content, curate pathways combining content from other platforms, deliver content on any device, and track your learning content for insights at your fingertips.

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform - Enterprise Tier.png

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform - Enterprise Tier: The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform shortens time to visibility, security, and compliance for cloud environments. It's built on open-source tools with the scale, performance, and ease of use that enterprises demand. The Enterprise Tier enables essential and advanced use cases for secure DevOps.

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform - Essentials Tier.png

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform - Essentials Tier: The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform shortens time to visibility, security, and compliance for cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. It's built on open-source tools with the scale, performance, and ease of use that enterprises demand.

Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform.png

Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform: Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform drastically reduces the time to list and sell products in the Azure Marketplace, with zero engineering resources required. Get the visibility, clarity, and ease of use necessary to manage your business and scale your Azure Marketplace operations.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Cloud Ready.png

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Cloud Ready: Start using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with this ready-to-run image from CloudWhiz Solutions. Ubuntu is an open-source Linux distribution, and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS emphasizes security and performance.

Ubuntu Pro FIPS 18.04 LTS.png

Ubuntu Pro FIPS 18.04 LTS: Canonical's Ubuntu Pro FIPS 18.04 LTS is a FIPS-certified image for the public cloud. Ubuntu FIPS is a critical foundation for state agencies administering federal programs and for private-sector companies with government contracts.

Visual Compliance.png

Visual Compliance: Visual Compliance from Descartes Systems Group enables organizations of all sizes to manage trade compliance by screening business systems and workflows. Apply anti-money laundering and know-your-customer oversight and get results returned to your Microsoft Dynamics environment.


Wecrew: Wecrew, a smart building solution from Information Services International-Dentsu Co. Ltd., monitors office space usage and automatically controls air conditioning and lighting. This app is available only in Japanese.

WitFoo Precinct 6.0 Diagnostic SIEM (BYOL).png

WitFoo Precinct 6.0 Diagnostic SIEM (BYOL): WitFoo Precinct is big data diagnostic security information and event management (SIEM) system that provides advance analytics, log collection and aggregation, and nearly real-time intelligence on security threats and attacks.

X0PA for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.png

X0PA for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: X0PA AI's intelligent hiring platform integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, contributing predictive analytics capabilities to automate tasks and guard against bias. X0PA AI sources and ranks job candidates by relevance, predictive performance, and predictive loyalty.

Consulting services

1 on 1 AI Consultation - 1-hour Assessment.png

1:1 AI Consultation - 1-hour Assessment: Join Radix for a one-on-one consultation to learn how your organization can get started with artificial intelligence. Radix will discuss the pros and cons of using external service providers, internal data science teams, or Microsoft Azure AI Platform.

3 Day User Based Insurance Assessment Offer UK.png

3 Day User Based Insurance Assessment Offer UK: Zensar Technologies will learn about your business objectives; work with your technical team to collect data; and design and document the key principles for the adoption of smart insurance services using Microsoft Azure and your intelligent edge investments.

8-Wk Zero Trust Implementation for MDM.png

8-Wk Zero Trust Implementation for MDM/MAM/DLP: This engagement from Infused Innovations involves workshops, a mobile device management pilot, a workstation management pilot, and mobile application management, and data loss prevention services.

Advanced Cloud Managed Services- 40-Hr Assessment.png

Advanced Cloud Managed Services: 40-Hr Assessment: G&S will conduct an on-premises infrastructure assessment of your environment and issue a high-level migration plan. To simplify your migration, G&S will implement its ADCLOUD framework. This service is available in Spanish.

AI Fast Discovery- AI Strategy Workshop - 5 days.png

AI Fast Discovery: AI Strategy Workshop - 5 days: This multi-day strategy engagement from Radix consists of a briefing, two workshops, and a final presentation. Radix will determine your company's objectives, then deliver a prioritized list of strategic AI opportunities and a methodology to implement AI use cases.

AI-100 Azure AI Solutions- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AI-100 Azure AI Solutions: 1-Hour Briefing: Intended for cloud solution architects and AI developers, Qualitia Energy's briefing will introduce Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and go over how to enhance bots with QnA Maker and LUIS. Participants should be familiar with C#, Azure fundamentals, and storage technologies.

Azure Cloud Migration- FREE 2-Hr Briefing.png

Azure Cloud Migration: FREE 2-Hr Briefing: In this briefing, solution architects from Direct Experts will review your architecture, discuss migration and cloud security best practices, and provide you with the next steps to kick off your migration to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment- 2 weeks.png

Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment: 2 weeks: Are you interested in the freedom, control, and cost savings of Microsoft Azure but not sure where to begin? xTEN will examine your estate's cloud readiness by reviewing your architecture, performance, and operations.

Azure Database Review- 2 day assessment.png

Azure Database Review: 2 day assessment: Using in-house tools, xTEN will assess your data to uncover ways to improve the performance, stability, and security of your SQL Server estate on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Databricks - 3 Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Databricks - 3 Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Pragmatic Works will design Azure Databricks architecture that supports scale and growth; develop coding data flow patterns to simplify integration with new clients; and establish best practices for source control and DevOps pipelines.

Azure Fundamentals- 1-Hr Online Workshop.png

Azure Fundamentals: 1-Hr Online Workshop: Interlake's workshop will cover the basics of Microsoft Azure and provide architecture guidance. Interlake will also address data security and virtualization options. Demonstrations and a Q&A session will be included.

Azure Governance and Compliance workshop - 1-day.png

Azure Governance and Compliance workshop - 1-day: In this workshop, APENTO will develop a cloud governance framework based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and assist you with an implementation plan to expand and manage your business's Azure use. 

Azure Governance Review- 4 Hour Assessment.png

Azure Governance Review: 4 Hour Assessment: TechStar will assess your Microsoft Azure environment and suggest cost reduction steps, including automation, reserved instances, and Azure Hybrid pricing. TechStar will also tag resources for better reporting and align your organization into more efficient hierarchies.

Azure Innovation PoCLab - 5-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Innovation PoCLab - 5-Day Proof of Concept: In this engagement, prodot will develop a demand-driven proof of concept for your digitization or IoT solution on Microsoft Azure. Follow-up measures include expansion or implementation, with price dependent on project volume.

Azure Sentinel 24x7 Managed Zero Trust Service.png

Azure Sentinel 24x7 Managed Zero Trust Service: This managed service from Infused Innovations will use your Microsoft security licensing to deliver a zero-trust environment. Infused Innovations will maintain security hygiene on all your devices and utilize automated endpoint detection and response.

Azure Sentinel Right Start- 6-Wk Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Right Start: 6-Wk Implementation: LAB3 Solutions will implement Microsoft Azure Sentinel's security information and event management for your organization, focusing on the configuration of essential data sources and alerts that drive maximum value and threat-hunting coverage.

Azure StarterKit- 4-Day Use Case Workshop.png

Azure StarterKit: 4-Day Use Case Workshop: Swisscom's workshop will introduce you to the possibilities offered by Microsoft Azure and will look at licensing, price models, security, and hybrid approaches. Then Swisscom and your company will explore use cases and select one or more to develop.

CIO- 4 Hrs Azure DevOps Jama Connect Workshop.png

CIO: 4 Hrs Azure DevOps Jama Connect Workshop: AS-SYSTEME's workshop will present the requirements and advantages of Microsoft Azure DevOps Services and Jama Connect when automated. This workshop is available in English and German.

Custom Development - Initial 3-Hr Assessment.png

Custom Development - Initial 3-Hr Assessment: Rare Crew will assess your infrastructure and technology stack, then identify key project areas that could be solved with Microsoft Azure services. Rare Crew will issue a report that summarizes the ideal path for your business to take.

Cyber Essentials Plus- 2-Wk Assessment.png

Cyber Essentials Plus: 2-Wk Assessment: NCC Group will use a questionnaire and a technical audit to assess your organization's fitness for a Cyber Essentials Plus designation. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported cybersecurity certification in the United Kingdom.

Data Centre Exit - 2Wk Assessment.png

Data Centre Exit - 2Wk Assessment: Xello's assessment is designed to help customers in Australia migrate from datacenters to Microsoft Azure. Xello considers application migration priorities, total cost of ownership, and associated risks and blockers.

DevOps with Azure 1 Week Assessment.png

DevOps with Azure 1 Week Assessment: In this engagement, IFI Techsolutions will explore Microsoft Azure DevOps and help your team determine how to start automating deployments and implementing DevOps strategies in your development process.

Federal Application Innovation- 4 Wk POC.png

Federal Application Innovation: 4 Wk POC: Applied Information Sciences will empower you to modernize your applications with a proof-of-concept migration on Azure Government. The proof of concept will be followed by an agile, phased migration and effort to continuously modernize your application portfolio.

Free 3 day Smart Factory Azure IOT Assessment SA.png

Free 3 day Smart Factory Azure IOT Assessment SA: Using Microsoft Azure IoT services, Zensar Technologies will show you how to turn your operations into a smart factory. Zensar Technologies will design the guiding principles for smart factory services, then deliver a strategy roadmap. This offer is for customers in South Africa.

Free 3 day Smart Factory Services Assessment Offer.png

Free 3 day Smart Factory Services Assessment Offer: Using Microsoft Azure IoT services, Zensar Technologies will show you how to turn your operations into a smart factory. This offer is for customers in the United Kingdom.

Free 5 Day Assessment Azure Operations Services SA.png

Free 5 Day Assessment Azure Operations Services SA: Zensar Technologies will review your organization's cloud estate (Microsoft Azure and private cloud environments), then design guiding principles for implementing digital operations. A roadmap will outline strategy and timelines. This offer is for customers in South Africa.

Free 5 Day Azure Analytics Assessment Offer SA.png

Free 5 Day Azure Analytics Assessment Offer SA: In this assessment, Zensar Technologies will review your analytics investments and landscape, work with you to design a custom Azure analytics solution architecture, and build a custom implementation and migration roadmap. This offer is for customers in South Africa.

Free 5 Day SAP Migration Assessment Offer USA.png

Free 5 Day SAP Migration Assessment Offer USA: With this assessment from Zensar Technologies, you'll receive a comprehensive readiness plan showing what it will take to successfully migrate your SAP applications to Microsoft Azure. This offer is for customers in the United States.

HCL SAP on Azure Cloud Hosting - 3 days Assessment.png

HCL SAP on Azure Cloud Hosting - 3 days Assessment: In this assessment, HCL Technologies will review your IT environment and consider your expectations for SAP on Azure deployment in terms of high availability, backup, and disaster recovery. You'll then receive migration options.

Hybrid Security with Azure 1 Week Proof of Concept.png

Hybrid Security with Azure 1 Week Proof of Concept: Experts from IFI Techsolutions will help you implement Microsoft Azure Sentinel and related security services so you can stay ahead of the changing threat landscape. Azure Sentinel provides alert detection, threat visibility, and more for your hybrid cloud environment.

Mass Data Processing-IoT Integration.png

Mass Data Processing-IoT Integration: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Gfi Poland will discuss IoT integration patterns and Microsoft Azure support; the future of IoT, machine learning, and edge computing; and the kickoff project for your devices.

SQL Server Support.png

SQL Server Support: Let Aleson ITC's technicians and database administrators proactively control your Microsoft SQL Server systems so you can bring about improvements in security, performance, and workload availability.

VirtSpace - Delivering Autonomy.png

VirtSpace - Delivering Autonomy: 3 week Imp: In this engagement, NIIT Technologies will implement a virtualized Windows and Office 365 ProPlus experience while reducing IT overhead with security and management features using Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure.

Windows Virtual Desktop.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 10 day rollout: PCSNet Marche's consultants will help you implement Windows Virtual Desktop within your organization while following Microsoft Azure best practices. This service is available only in Italian.

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