Azure Service Fabric 7.2 Release

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Azure Service Fabric 7.2 is now available!

We're excited to announce that 7.2 release of the Service Fabric runtime has started rolling out to the various Azure regions along with tooling and SDK updates. The updates for .NET SDK, Java SDK and Service Fabric runtimes will be available through Web Platform Installer, NuGet packages and Maven repositories in 7-10 days within all regions.


What is new in Service Fabric 7.2?

This release is loaded with key features and improvements. Some of the key features are highlighted below:


Key Announcements

In addition, this release contains other new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. For the full list of changes, please refer to the release notes.


Breaking Changes

  • Service Fabric 7.2 and higher runtime drops support for .Net core Service Fabric apps running with .Net core 2.2 runtime. .Net core runtime 2.2 is out of support from Dec 2019. Service Fabric runtime will not install .Net core runtime 2.2 as part of its dependency. Customers should upgrade their .Net 2.2 runtime SF apps to the next .Net core LTS version 3.1.
  • .Net core runtime LTS 2.1 runtime will go out of support from Aug 21, 2021. Service Fabric releases after that date will drop support for Service Fabric apps running with .Net core 2.1 runtime. Service Fabric .Net SDK will take a dependency on .Net runtime 3.* features to support Service Fabric .Net core apps.  This has no impact on Service Fabric .Net Framework SDK.
  • We will be deprecating the latest tag for OneBox container images. The new scheme for containers will substitute the current naming scheme ‘latest’ to be replaced with an OS-targeted latest set to explicitly identify the base OS for latest SF releases:
  • The default action of deleting uploaded application package is changed. If the application package is registered successfully, the uploaded application package is deleted by default. Before this default action changes, the uploaded application package was deleted either by calling to Remove-ServiceFabricApplicationPackage or by using ApplicationPackageCleanupPolicy parameter explicitly with Register-ServiceFabricApplicationType
  • Service Fabric 7.2 will become the baseline release for future development of image validation. When the feature is activated in future version e.g., Service Fabric 7.3, the cluster is not desired to rolled back down to 7.1 or lower. The version 7.2 is the baseline to which the cluster can downgrade.

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