Take a guided tour of a Microsoft datacenter to learn how Microsoft delivers your cloud services

Come check out the season three premiere of Modern Workplace, which aired September 13, on “Data Defense: An inside look at your secure cloud,” where viewers got a VIP-access tour of a state-of-the-art Microsoft datacenter. Register now and see how a world-class datacenter design helps keep your data secure and drive efficiency, passing savings along to customers. You’ll see how the modern cloud works!

We talked with Doug Hauger, general manager of the National Cloud Programs, to explain the scale and professionalism that Microsoft brings to its datacenters for the benefit of Microsoft’s cloud customers. Hauger explained how Microsoft builds multiple datacenters in every region to provide a level of scale and redundancy that other cloud providers can’t match. Microsoft also invests in redundant power and multiple network connections at each datacenter. With more than 100 datacenters in 34 regions, Microsoft has the scale to meet almost any need a customer could have. Microsoft is also the industry leader from a compliance and certification standpoint on both a global and local level.

When asked how is the cloud more secure today, Hauger responded by explaining how the monitoring, the multiple layers of security Microsoft has implemented and the level of professionalism of its staff and operations—which a typical company can’t match—all contribute to a more secure cloud. Microsoft uses its industry-leading expertise to create datacenter procedures that keep data safe. Access to Microsoft datacenters is strictly controlled, and for companies with higher security needs, additional physical security elements such as video surveillance are added. Microsoft is always adding services to meet its customers’ needs.

Later in the show, Christian Belady, the general manager of Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture, led a tour of a Microsoft datacenter. He highlighted the technological advances that have improved the speed, reliability and efficiency of Microsoft cloud services. See the technologies that Microsoft has implemented to improve the efficiency of its datacenters from about 50 percent of power used for overhead (such as cooling) to less than 10 percent (measured as power usage effectiveness (PUE) being reduced from 1.5 to 1.1). That increased efficiency is great for the environment, and it enables Microsoft to keep its prices lower for customers.

Register now to watch this full-episode. And tune in on October 11 at 8 a.m. PDT to watch “The Privacy Balance: Staying secure and ethical with your data.” You can learn more about Microsoft cloud services security and compliance capabilities at the Microsoft Trust Center.

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