New Xbox? Build a UWP App for it!

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The holidays brought you a new Xbox? If you’re here, then you’re likely a dev and the first (okay, MAYBE second) thought when a new device enters the home is, “How do I build an app for it?”

Simon (darkside) Jackson, Friend of the Blog, has JUST the post for you!

Building apps & games for Xbox One using UWP – Build once and target many



“For my sins, I was asked back to FutureDecoded again this year to give a talk on the Microsoft UWP platform, specifically about bringing games to the XboxOne using UWP.  By all accounts the session went well (especially as there was standing room only by the time the talk started). With it being just two days in the London ExCeL exhibition center, not everyone who wanted to make it could, in fact even some people were contacting me on the day saying they were in other sessions at that time but wanted more info.

So for everyone who couldn’t make it on the day or missed the session (or for those wanting a recap), I’ve recorded the session at home and published it on my “Darkside of MonoGame” Youtube channel. (I just have to hope my MonoGame friends will forgive me for featuring Unity on there for a bit Open-mouthed smile

I’ve posted a few times about the UWP platform, but to recap, UWP is Microsoft’s latest endeavor to make it even easier for developers to be able to publish on Windows platforms. So much so, that now you only need one project to be able to deploy on to all of their Windows 10 platforms, this includes:

  • Windows 10 desktop
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Xbox
  • (supported) IoT devices
  • Surface Hub
  • HoloLens

Plus, any other devices that Microsoft decides to roll out on to from now on.

It pretty much sounds like a multi-platform dream, and it certainly is.  But how does UWP handle all the different variations on its platform? Each device is different and has its own unique characteristics. The answer in this case is “Extensions”:

Getting started with UWP on Xbox…

Setting up your development environment…

Checking out the demos…

What’s Next?…

Key Differences between UWP & Native…

UWP projects …

Native development …

Summing up

The world just got that little bit bigger and if you are already working on a project for Windows 10, the reach of your title has now opened up even more and for very little effort.  If you want to then use the success of your game to then build the “Evolved” edition and build that native later, then you already have a foot in the door and it also becomes easier (although harder from an effort perspective Surprised smile)

So, if you want to build one game and ship it on to several platforms at once, then UWP is the answer (yes I know mobile share is small at present but MS is still committed to it Open-mouthed smile).  You’ll still be able to take it to other platforms later as most engines and frameworks also support more than UWP, so if you architect your project right, the world is your oyster.

If you are making games these days, NEVER restrict or limit your dream to one platform. Go BIG, go WILD and get out there!

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