Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Channel 9.

Visual Studio has a rich and powerful command system that enables users to take full control of the IDE from the keyboard.

In this session, Justin Clareburt shares with us everything there is to know about the keyboard mapping system, including: where and how to define your own keyboard shortcuts, how to import and export keyboard mappings, how to define and create entire keyboard mapping schemes, and how to install and activate keyboard mapping schemes within Visual Studio. Justin also demonstrates some existing shortcuts for managing tool windows inside Visual Studio, including: opening, closing and hiding individual tool windows; navigating and cycling through tool windows; toggling tool window state; and hiding all tool windows with a single command.

He also shows off some of the new keyboard mapping schemes that were developed to assist users migrating from different IDEs.

- Hot Keys: Visual Studio Extension that imports several new keyboard mapping schemes http://aka.ms/hotkeys

- Hot Commands: Provides additional commands and shortcuts for enhanced productivity http://aka.ms/hotcommands