Episode 226: Microsoft R Server Solutions | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

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Continuing our mini-series on Deep Learning, in this episode we will be focusing on Microsoft R Server solutions with our guest Bharath Sankaranarayan, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft R product team. In this episode we cover "Campaign Optimization - Predicting How and When to Contact Leads" and then "Predicting Hospital Length of Stay" solutions developed leveraging SQL Server 2016 with R Services that demonstrate the capability of  SQL in-db analytics. To follow the solution presented you can try it on your own by deploying the solution.  The full solution including the source code is available on GitHub.


  • [00:53] - Bharath's presentation
  • [03:14] - R Server Solutions - Cortana Intelligence Gallery
  • [03:47] - Demo: Campaing Optimization
  • [05:56] - Campaing Optimization - Business Model
  • [11:28] - Campaing Optimization - Walk through source code
  • [23:03] - Demo: Hospital Length of Stay
  • [23:35] - Hospital Length of Stay - Business Model
  • [31:10] - Hospital Length of Stay - Walk through source code



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