Pre-order 1970s Stealth Game Serial Cleaner Today on Xbox One

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We’ve been blown away by the positive support you’ve given us so far and are happy to announce that Serial Cleaner will be launching July 14 on Xbox One. We also have a special offer just for Xbox One players: pre-order Serial Cleaner and receive a free copy of The Swindle!

Serial Cleaner Screenshot

It won’t be long before you can jump into the Cleaner’s shoes to test your ability to deal with the fast-paced and unique challenges of cleaning up murder scenes as you deftly avoid The Heat. To celebrate the forthcoming launch, we’ve made a new live action trailer that you can see above.

Serial Cleaner is jam-packed with features including a full story mode and 10 bonus levels inspired by movies like “Alien”, “Enter the Dragon”, and “Taxi Driver”. And for the more competitive players out there, we included 20 nail-bitingly hard challenge mode levels that have online leaderboards.

Serial Cleaner Screenshot

Additionally, Serial Cleaner uses real-time data to modify the levels based on the time of day you are playing. Play at night and use the cover of darkness or play during the day to have maximum visibility. You decide how you want to play. Multiple enemy types and rewards offer a variety of challenges each time you plan.

For more information about Serial Cleaner, stay tuned to Xbox Wire.

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