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Back in 2014 (wow, that long ago?) we highlighted a cool little extension from Eros Fratini which helped you keep track of what file you were in, WhereAmI? VS Extension notes where a file is in a Project (think "Sync no more")

Recently Eros updated it so it now works in Visual Studio 2017...

WhereAmI 2017

WhereAmI 2017 is the porting for Visual Studio 2017 of my extension WhereAmI for VS2015.

Is a simple extension that adds a layer on the background of your edit code window with a recap of your position in the current project.

It should be very useful when working on big projects with a deep nested folder structure.

You can configure font size, color, opacity and position, and it's preconfigured to work well in a dark or light environment.

In this 2017 version I've added the ability to switch theme at any moment by the options page.


And like the previous version, this one is open source too, https://github.com/tanathos/WhereAmI2017

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