The Surge’s Major Expansion, A Walk in the Park, is Now Available on Xbox One

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Greetings from Deck13!

Today we’re releasing The Surge’s DLC expansion, A Walk in the Park, and I wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys about it. Alongside the new DLC, we’re also going to have The Surge: Complete Edition, which has the base game and all the downloadable goodies in one giant package.

The Surge Complete Edition Screenshot

For newcomers, you may be asking “What is The Surge?” We like to describe it as a hardcore action RPG set in a dystopian future just after a huge cataclysmic event. You follow an ordinary man, Warren, as he tries to escape an industrial factory gone crazy. Dodging and weaving between the huge industrial arms of a construction robot wasn’t on Warren’s mind when he applied for the job. Armed with nothing but his powered exoskeleton and will to survive, you must lead Warren through the deadly gauntlet of malfunctioning machines and maddened factory workers to freedom.

The Surge Complete Edition Screenshot

The Surge’s combat mechanics were fine-tuned to provide an immersive and thrilling experience. You can dodge, duck, and jump over vertical and horizontal attacks, so studying and learning quickly is key if you want to survive the Creo facility. To get new weapons and armor pieces, you need to aim at enemy body parts and cut them from their bodies. See a helmet you like? Take your opponent’s head off its shoulders. If you fancy his blade, cleave its arm off! If you wanted to push your power further, you can calibrate Warren’s implants and helper-drone to create your own unique fighting style!

The Surge Complete Edition Screenshot

But that’s enough about the basics, let’s talk about the new stuff. Our upcoming expansion A Walk in the Park is your first look outside the CREO facility. Welcome to CREO World, an amusement park affected by the aftermath of the surge. Warren will be fighting his way through the defunct park, battling CREO rescue teams, security drones, and (of course) mascots. With the new area, we’re also adding new weapons, new armor sets, and a host of new implants. These implants can drastically change the way you fight, with one implant that boosts your energy every time you successfully block!

The Surge Complete Edition Screenshot

Best of all, if you’re an Xbox One X owner, you’ll be able to play the game at 60 fps or use the game’s increased quality mode if you prefer great visuals. We’ve even added HDR support so get those TVs ready!

All of this is available now on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Thank you all so much for your support, and let us expand the world of The Surge. We can’t wait for you to play!

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