“Greg The Robot”

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How could I not highlight this project from Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira, given it's name? :P

Greg The Robot - Game Dev with TypeScript

A shoot'n'up HTML5 game made with Phaser game framework



In this article I’ll present you a HTML5 “shoot’em’up” style game using TypeScript and a nice game development library called Phaser.

This project is a tribute to good ol’ arcade games from the 80’s, more specifically the awesome game "Knightmare" made by Konami in 1986.

Hopefully this article will appeal to those looking for a basic game structure to build upon. I believe the TypeScript part is one of the strong points of this project, because it increases productivity in development process, which is not restricted to game projects but applies for JavaScript development in general.




Phaser is a 2D game development library based on JavaScript/HTML5. It contains many built-in features useful for a great number of game styles and scenarios. For example, it has the concept of sprites. Sprites in a game are the 2 dimensional bitmaps that contains the definition for the game characters, such as the hero and the enemies. Not only that, sprite files also almost always contain the different character frames that comprises the character’s animation. To be fair, many game libraries also deal with sprites. But Phaser comes with a built-in collision detection and handling mechanism that is very easy to set up and implement.



TypeScript is a free and open source programming language co-created by Anders Hejlsberg (who co-created/designed C#, Delphi and Turbo Pascal) and developed by Microsoft, which aims to improve and secure the production of JavaScript code. It’s a superset of JavaScript, which means that every well-formed JavaScript is also a TypeScript code. Since web browsers don’t recognize TypeScript, it has to be transcompiled (or as we usually call it, transpiled) into JavaScript before they are sent to the web browser.




The game takes place in the dystopian futuristic metropolis of Robocity, a place perverted by a robotic villain. The city used to be an electronic paradise, in which the techno-citizens lived in harmony with their asynchronous behaviors, predictable loops and performing random tasks.

Greg the robot

Greg is a non-conformist and self-aware robot. He is a reminiscent specimen from an old age generation of robots which was spared the yoke of the New Robotic Order, because their electronic components are so old they can’t be hacked by the New Order. Since all his friends are now slaves, all of a sudden Greg becomes an unsuspected hero. He sees what’s wrong and decides to take action. His walking is slow and his behavior is erratic, but he knows the future of Robocity depends on his success.



Thank you very much for you time and patience. I hope the article or this project's code have somehow helped you, induced interest or at least gave you some insights about game development. In my opinion, Phaser is easy to use, has a short learning curve, provides good support and has an active community.

Feel free to use the code. If you have any ideas, complaints or suggestions, please use the comment section below. Also, if you want to create a game project using Phaser, please let me know.

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