Behind-the-scenes at Panasonic: factory to field

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In the world of devices, when you hear the Panasonic name it brings to mind our line of rugged TOUGHBOOKs. For the past 20 plus years, TOUGHBOOKs and TOUGHPADs have been used globally to enable public safety organizations, utility companies and manufacturing businesses to work both efficiently and securely in the field. At Panasonic, we take great pride in the fact that these industries are the backbone of communities and they rely upon our technology to maintain smooth day-to-day operations.

Quality Begins at the Factory

Panasonic is committed to quality and continual innovation – both in the products we create and how these products are applied to real-world situations. To help communicate the meaning of our commitment, we invite you to watch our behind-the-scenes factory tour filmed in Kobe, Japan and featuring our recently launched TOUGHBOOK CF-33. The Kobe Factory is known as our “mother” factory where all new products are originally built and then best practices are distributed and assigned to our other facilities worldwide.

Innovation in Agriculture

We have a vision for another vital component of every community – agriculture. Agriculture is a necessity to every population, but the industry has not broadly transitioned to modern technology. We believe having a device in the field is key, so files and resources can be accessed in real-time and more precise crop maintenance can be administered. Ultimately, this should drive a higher consistency in crop yield and quality. Already built for extreme conditions, our line of TOUGHBOOK and TOUGHPADS are dustproof, waterproof, and military-grade rugged. Plus, our latest TOUGHBOOK CF-33 comes standard with Windows Hello which allow you to login via facial recognition. (Meaning, no need to awkwardly type passwords with gloves.)

To further explore this concept, we caught up with a Japanese rice farmer out of the Mie Prefecture who is currently using the TOUGHBOOK CF-33 and has a vision for advancing technology in the industry. Takeshi Tsuji, who owns Tarafuku Rice Farm, was previously an engineer in the aerospace industry and transitioned to working at his family’s farm several years ago. He immediately began modernizing his farming process with the help of Panasonic, Drone Japan, and Microsoft products to maximize his crop output.

Stay Connected

We are excited at Panasonic to be part of advancements and modernizations across a variety of industries. We will continue to innovate to further enable current and future customers to support their local communities. For those companies who are already Panasonic customers and are looking to stay connected in an increasingly global workplace, we recently launched Panasonic P.180. P.180 is a seamless end-to-end platform that uses eSIM technology to connect to Tier 1 LTE access through networks spanning over 180 countries. P.180 can be used with select TOUGHBOOK and TOUGHPAD devices.

Get Started

  • For more information on the TOUGHBOOK CF-33 with Windows 10 Pro, please visit the Panasonic website.
  • For those who are already TOUGHBOOK or TOUGHPAD customers, we encourage you to learn more about P.180 and how you can better connect your workforce.

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