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This week on Channel 9, Christina and guest host Paige Bailey discuss the week's top developer news, including;

AI for Earth B-roll

This broadcast quality footage, intended for journalists, shows footage of how Microsoft AI can be used to address climate change.

Overview of the Microsoft AI School

This show is a quick overview of the newly-launched AI School. The AI School features the latest and greatest content for developers and data scientists to get started and dive deep into the Microsoft AI platform and deep learning. We will continuously be adding content, so check back often for new resources and tools to get you going with infusing AI into your apps.

Azure Availability Zones

Raj Ganapathy joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new addition to Azure's resiliency offerings – Availability Zones. Azure Availability Zones are fault-isolated locations within an Azure region to help protect customers applications and data from datacenter-level failures with independent power, network, and cooling.

Database DevOps with Redgate ReadyRoll

In this first of two episodes, Robert is joined by Steve Jones to discuss how you can use the Redgate Data Tools that are included in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 to extend DevOps practices to SQL Server and Azure SQL databases.

In this episode, Steve demonstrates the migrations-based approach used by ReadyRoll, which generates numerically ordered SQL migration scripts that sit inside your project and takes your schema from one version to the next. You can add them to version control, use them to build and release, and automate database and application deployments, all in one process....

A Hard Lesson in Open Source Vulnerability Management

The application layer is quickly becoming the most under-protected attack vector within the enterprise for data security. Within the application layer, open source components with known vulnerabilities are becoming the main target for hackers as all the data is public a minimum effort is needed.

Join us for this short webinar to learn about the difference between detecting and fixing proprietary and open source vulnerabilities and how you can automate your open source security practices.

Getting Started with Telerik UI for UWP

Telerik UI  for UWP is a free and open source suite of controls from Progress Software for Universal Windows Platform. The source code and documentation are available on GitHub. In this short video, John Bristowe provides a brief overview of the suite and a coding walkthrough to get you started on your first application.


Leverage existing WPF / WinForms investments to bring a modern user experience that reaches new audiences enabled by Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, .NET Standard 2.0 and Visual Studio tooling

Demo available on Github...

.NET Foundation's Summer Hackfest with Jon Galloway

In this episode of On .NET, Jon Galloway joins us to talk about the .NET Foundation's Summer Hackfest.

  • [00:30] - Jon shares some of the goals of the .NET Foundation
  • [03:13] - Jon talks about the .NET Summer Hackfest
  • [10:25] - Shout out to Tarun for being awesome!
  • [10:40] - Jon tells us what went well and discusses future plans ...
Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Myths and Reasons

Despite what you might think, accessibility is not difficult or expensive and makes a better product for everyone. In this presentation, Ian Hamilton, video game accessibility specialist, provides information on why accessibility is important and immensely impactful for users who require it, how it expands your audience, what you should do to make accessible games, and a rundown of resources and tools that will show you how to reach your goals.

Interview with Munil Shah (Safe Deployment Questions Answered)

In this interview, Director of Engineering Munil Shah returns to answer the questions asked about Safe Deployment of Visual Studio Team Services.

[00:32] Deployment Rings
[05:39] RM Deployment Definition
[08:30] Ring 4a
[11:35] Branching / CI...

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Friction that Fits

There is no such thing as an "average user." As Bryce Johnson highlights with real world examples, trying to design for the average user can result in unusable products or poor experiences when the someone's actual abilities interact with your product. This very problem highlights the importance of Inclusive Design. In this talk, you'll learn to recognize exclusion, learn from diversity, and take solutions for one and extend them to many. Bryce will also highlight the type of limitations to keep in mind, and how to extend continuums to make a wonderful experience. Evelyn Thomas also describes her work on the Xbox platform and increasing accessibility. She also states the goal of Microsoft's new Inclusive Technology lab.

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Sightless Kombat

Accessibility Advocate, Youtuber and Blind Gamer Sightless Combat chats with Brannon Zahand about a wide range of topics on the challenges of bling gaming, including; his experiences trying to evangelize at E3, how he got into gaming, the fact that same games are still in mono, how he games, playing Killer Instinct, and what types of systems he's like games (or consoles) to implement in the future to make blind gaming a better experience.

Better ways to manage your Azure VM Infrastructure

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team shares some of the coolest demos from his recent Microsoft Ignite talk to help manage your infrastructure in an easier way.

In this episode he covers VM Updates and configuration change tracking....

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Hey Listen, a Guide to Deaf Gaming

Michael Anthony has been a gamer since he could play Mario on his grandma's NES and in this talk, he gives a comprehensive run down on deaf gaming and how to make more enjoyable experiences for deaf gamers. His talk covers it means to be deaf and his day to day experiences with gaming and the challenges he encounters. His stories include hard to read subtitles, struggles communicating in cooperative games and losing track of enemies because he can't hear them.

Integrating Chef Into Your Visual Studio Team Services Builds

When developing and testing a cookbook, it is recommended that a build pipeline is used to ensure recommendations and standards are being followed and that tests are always run. This also avoids the problem where someone can push to a cookbook on the Chef server and also has to commit to source control.

Watch this webinar as we show you how, using the Chef extension for VSTS, this pipeline can be built in VSTS so that on every commit all the cookbook tests are run and optionally Test Kitchen tests. You will see that only when these have passed will the release phase publish the cookbook to the Chef Server.

Using Chef with VSTS, each developer is now held to the same standards as the versions of the cookbook governed by the build pipeline.

Getting to DevOps with Legacy Apps

Legacy client/server apps are not only stuck with outdated languages and frameworks, they can't take advantage of modern techniques like DevOps or shift-left. Mobilize.Net provides the on-ramp to DevOps with Azure by accelerating the migration from client-server to cloud-hosted web architecture.

This webinar will discuss using "shift-left" during the migration process, how AI and machine learning can expedite the DevOps on-ramp, implementing DevOps on the migrated application, and taking advantage of Azure capabilities once the application is migrated to web.

nuu:bit CDN Edge Compute platform integrates with Microsoft Azure CosmosDB

Site and app publishers are now enabled by the integration between nuu:bit CDN edge compute platform and Microsoft Azure CosmosDB to deliver fast and responsive and highly personalized contents and applications to delight their end users.  The key benefits include a flexible, multi-model big store, a content delivery and acceleration service, and CDN Edge Compute.

Git at Enterprise Scale: (Part 2) An Introduction to GVFS and Why You Should Use It

Git struggles to handle enterprise-scale repositories. Operations like cloning will slow to a crawl when you have millions of files in a repository, and even something as simple as getting your repository status will leave you waiting. The Git Virtual File System (GVFS) is an open source system that enables Git to operate at enterprise-scale. It makes using and managing massive Git repositories possible....

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Azure Government

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti sits down with Steve Downs from the Azure Government Engineering team to discuss Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Azure Government. What is VDI? How is it different from traditional Remote Desktop? Why do customers use VDI and, most importantly, how does VDI help government agencies reduce their costs? These are just some of the questions that are answered in this video. Steve will also explain how Azure Government enables agencies to scale (both up and down) their VDI workloads, as well as better enable Disaster Recover scenarios. If you are someone interested in significantly reducing your VDI costs, while adding tremendous efficiency and on-demand capacity, check out this video for how you can get started with VDI on Azure Government today!

Interview with Cierra Mcdonald, Senior Program Manager on the Xbox Advanced Technology…

In this episode of GALs, Golnaz sits down with the amazing Cierra Mcdonald to discuss her career at Microsoft. Cierra has been within the Xbox organization for 9 years. She has worked in every aspect of gaming from billing, achievements to documentation. Cierra's love of gaming started at a young age. Her first introduction to technology was when she purchased a floppy disc of Monkey Island and learned to navigate DOS through the installation process. Watch this episode to learn more about Cierra's career path, passions and goals....

Microsoft Silicon Valley campus of the future

Microsoft Silicon Valley campus of the future

Hands-on experience to provision real device with IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service

Nicole and Olivier showcase how easy it is to use IoT Hub Device Provision Service to provision MXChip IoT Dev Kit to an IoT Hub....

How to provisioning IoT devices at scale with IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service

Nicole and Olivier discuss IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service, a new service that allows you to provision millions of devices with zero-touch and in a secure manner.

Fostering a risk-based culture to secure the enterprise

In episode five of the Securing our enterprise six-part series, our Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault explains the steps he and his team are taking for risk management to ensure customer and employee data are protected and the importance of fostering a risk-based culture at Microsoft. ...

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