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Given the madness last week at home (Southern California, eastern Ventura County) and the other events in the past months here in California and elsewhere, I thought it important to highlight this project again...

Back in 2015 we highlighted the allReady project, allReady, a project where you can help and feel great about it.... The great news is that the project is very alive and well.

What is allReady?


While we can’t stop disasters from happening, we can lessen their impact on our families and the communities we live in by being prepared. Preparedness is a key factor in reducing impacts and together citizens & organizations can build resilient communities. No one can eliminate disasters, but together we can be ready to be safer, save lives and recover faster when the unexpected happens.

allReady brings together community members, volunteers, humanitarian and community organizations to make our communities more resilient to the effects of disasters by making preparedness activities more visible and effective to the communities they serve and the volunteers who support them.

In fact, allReady itself came from a group of folks across non-profits, software organizations and open source communities who volunteered to work together to build a solution to connect communities with opportunities to prepare, bringing communities and volunteers together, and increasing community preparedness.

AllReady - Moving to the Next Level

3000+ commits, 1000+ pull requests, 120+ contributors and 2 years of development. This has been an amazing ride, in so many ways, and so revealing in how developers around the world are wanting to jump in to use their skills to help the greater good.


Okay, community, you’ve responded to the call. Now it’s time to take this to the next level.

AllReady is a production-ready application. We have real-world tenure and work with national level organizations to help organize volunteers. Through our software, we can empower communities to best use their limited and valuable resources to prepare for disasters.


Community Jumping In

Be it in the recesses of their own space, crammed in a room with other developers or even through a virtual code-a-thon, the development community has embraced AllReady and the Humanitarian Toolbox cause.


Where This is Going

We’ve put a lot of thought into taking the next steps of this project. It’s clear that the time has come for us to put the call out to senior developers who can make big impacts on short cycles. However, we don’t want to exclude anyone and we will continue to support anyone who wishes to contribute, maintaining “up for grabs” issues and giving feedback through pull requests.


Who We Need

As such, we’re putting the call out, starting today, for senior developers who consider themselves as capably independent devs who can equally write c# and TypeScript and take cues from designers on how to get the UX just right.

We’re looking for some designers to take our project and imagine what a better user experience would like. We need your help to draw a few references and do some conceptual work on a few screens for us to use as both inspiration and guideline.

We’re hoping to find connections to other charitable

The Tech Stack

You can be on any platform; the project runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. You don’t need Visual Studio 2017, but it may make your life a little easier. Minimally you’ll want a capable text-based IDE (like Visual Studio Code).

If you’re doing personal inventory, here’s what we’re after:

  • strong experience in ASP.NET (Core is an asset) and the MVC Framework
  • familiarity with libraries like AutoFac, MediatR and AutoMapper
  • past exposure to Azure cloud services like Azure Functions, Service Bus, Application Insights and storage
  • comfortable working with git, branching, forking, GitHub, pull requests and other similar concepts
  • familiarity with connected services such as SendGrid or Twillio

If you don’t have these, but have a strong desire to learn, we’d also love your help, so please consider joining. There’s lots of work at all levels, priorities and complexities!

How to Connect

If any of this piques your interest, we implore you to reach out!

We have semi-regular Community Standups which you can find on our YouTube channel.

You can fork, clone and contribute via our GitHub repo.

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook (and the main HTBox Facebook page as well).

You can join our Virtual Code-a-Thon which runs from November 10-26, 2017.

Once connected on one of those avenues, we can also get you into our Slack channel to ask questions with project experts and leadership alike.

Help Us Get the Word Out!

Please tweet out this call to help, share it however you do social and let those who may be interested in joining the cause know about what is going on.

If you are a member or leader of a user group, please share with those in your community.

If you’re interested in having a code-a-thon featuring the AllReady project, please reach out to us and we will help you co-ordinate and even keynote the event if you like.

Thank you for taking a moment to help code for the greater good.

Happy Coding!

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