Forge Your Own Pirate Legend with Sea of Thieves

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Today, we sat down with our awesome community and answered what may be the biggest question they’ve had about Sea of Thieves: what does progression mean for the game, and how can players achieve their goal of becoming a Pirate Legend?

In line with the open and transparent approach we took with the Insider Programme – actively listening to community feedback and questions – we knew that the best way to talk about progression was to show and tell our fans directly with a livestream. If you missed it, take a moment and catch up on the full livestream or check out an abridged version above. We can’t wait to share more on different quests and gameplay features soon.

Our goal with Sea of Thieves was to create a new kind of multiplayer experience – one that challenged perceptions of what multiplayer can be, and gives players a unique and fresh experience. We believe so passionately in the magic of multiplayer, and want to create an adventure that breaks down barriers between gamers playing together. We want to give potential pirates freedom over how they play, the goals they choose to take on, and ultimately the adventures they have together.

This approach is at the heart of the progression system and quests in Sea of Thieves. While the game will have directed goals and compelling progression, the progression system encourages the sharing of progress and adventures together, and the unpredictability and emergent encounters of our world ensure that every adventure is different, and is a story waiting to be shared.

How to Become a Pirate Legend

Becoming a Pirate Legend is the core objective of Sea of Thieves, and players can build their legend by accruing reputation for their exploits and adventures. Reputation is acquired from a set of trading companies, rewarding players for advancing their interests on the high seas. These trading companies offer quests for players to pursue, offering successful brigands reputation and gold as well as improved titles, ranks and cosmetic items used to represent themselves to friends and foes. As players progress within a trading company, they earn access to more varied and unique quests that promise unforgettable adventures and rewards. Once players build their reputation with each trading company, they will unlock their status as a Pirate Legend.

Share Your Quests with Friends

Shared experience is the heart of Sea of Thieves, and the game was designed from the ground up to allow people to play together. This extends to the progression system, where players can share their quests with friends regardless of their rank or reputation with a trading company. Nothing should come in between gamers playing together.

While becoming a Pirate Legend is a personal goal, rewards are earned across an entire crew when playing together. Crews can channel their pirate spirit and vote on objectives and quests to undertake, and we’ve worked with the community to create a Pirate Code designed to make multiplayer as inclusive as possible. If players prefer being their own captain and crew, they can venture into the unknown on a solo ship and experience the shared world for themselves. But the ocean can get lonely, so we’ve also included matchmaking options that enable solo players to join a hearty crew and take to the seas in search of shared adventures.

More on the Horizon

As we continue to add new content and features over time, we will expand and evolve the world of Sea of Thieves to give players new goals to seek out and new rewards to earn. We will continue to work closely with the community just as we have during the Technical Alpha, and look forward to growing Sea of Thieves with our most passionate players.

Sea of Thieves is now available for pre-order in the Xbox Store. For the latest on Sea of Thieves, stay tuned to Xbox Wire and in the lead-up to launch on March 20. We can’t wait to share more soon!

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