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The Xbox Insider Program had a great 2017, and we have even more great content planned for 2018. For newcomers and experienced Xbox Insiders, we’d like to go over a few tips for participating in playtests and previews through the Xbox Insider Program.

Join a Playtest or Preview via the Xbox Insider Hub

To join a playtest or preview, launch the Xbox Insider Hub and navigate to Insider content from the side menu.

Insider content displays all playtests and previews you’re eligible to participate in. At minimum you’ll always find Xbox Insider Program (which you’re automatically enrolled in) and Xbox One Update Preview (where you can register to preview system updates) in Insider content.

TIP: If you’re confident you meet the requirements for a playtest or preview and it isn’t displayed in Insider content, ensure you’re signed in to the Xbox Insider Hub with the correct Gamertag.

When you select a playtest or preview, it opens a details page where you can Join. After joining, content will appear (if available) in the tabs at the top of the details page. View Announcements, participate in Quests or Surveys, and read about bugs under Known issues.

The content that displays on the details page is always specific to the playtest or preview, while the content appearing on the Xbox Insider Hub’s landing page is from all previews and playtests you’ve registered for.

TIP: Quick Polls do not appear on the details page and are accessible by selecting Quick poll from the side menu on the Xbox Insider Hub landing page.

If for any reason you’d like to unenroll from a playtest or preview, return to the details page and select Manage (which replaces the Join button). From the available options, select Unenroll, then select Done.

TIP: For certain games and apps, after unenrolling it may be necessary to uninstall/reinstall the game or app to revert to the current public version.


My friend has access to a playtest or preview, why don’t I?
Each playtest or preview has different requirements. Xbox Insiders will see different content on the Insider content page based on what they’re eligible to participate in.

How do I get access to more playtests and previews?
Participate in the Xbox Insider Program and earn XP; Xbox Insiders with the most XP often receive first access to new playtests and previews. Some playtests and previews may also have other requirements, such as signing up through a website, or participating in the Xbox One Update Preview. In addition, it’s a good idea to check the Xbox Insider Blog for more information about upcoming opportunities.

How can I earn XP to be eligible for more playtests and previews?
Complete Quests, Surveys, Quick Polls, and Ratings in the Xbox Insider Hub. A great way to earn fast XP is to join the Xbox One Update Preview, where you can rate system updates and participate in Quests or Surveys for new console features.

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