Roguevania Dead Cells Coming Soon to Xbox One

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Dead Cells is a mash-up, a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of a game, which pretty much makes me Dr. Frankenstein, which is nice. We’re trying to wed the randomness, replayability, and adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath that you find in a rogue-lite, (think Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, Rogue Legacy, etc.) with the anticipation of exploration, the thrill of discovering a secret and the progressive unlocking of a world that you find in Metroidvania games (think Ori and the Blind Forest, Guacamelee, Axiom Verge, etc.). The main inspiration for the game is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which you might have noticed from the pixel art…

Dead Cells Screenshot

But wait, there’s more! The feel of the combat was originally close to some kind of a 2D Dark Souls, with an emphasis on planning, meticulously observing the enemies before moving to strike. Since then, we’ve… slightly changed our philosophy to allow the player to blaze through the levels while turning monsters in seemingly perfect health into fine dust without even stopping to say Hi. How rude.

Dead Cells Screenshot

However, don’t worry, your enemies won’t handle you with cotton gloves either. We kept the “tough but fair” mentality as a guideline when designing the game, which means you will always have the means to avoid taking damage, but you won’t be able to take much before going down. Ultimately, even if your character will get more powerful as you play, it’s your skills that decide your fate.

Dead Cells Screenshot

I hope the premise of Dead Cells and our modern take on pixel art will have convinced you to give it a shot, controller in hands, once the game is available on Xbox One! Feel free to ping us on Twitter @MotionTwin to ask us any further questions about the game.

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