Xbox Insider Answers: “When will this feature be available for Preview?”

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Hello again, Xbox Insiders!  Whenever we announce a System Update Preview with new features, one of the more common questions we see is “When will [this feature] be available for Preview?” We know you’re excited to try out everything an update has to offer, but in some situations we announce an upcoming feature for Preview that won’t necessarily be in the very first build we release. This is especially true for our Alpha members, who get the updates earlier than other members of the Xbox Insider Program. Another thing to keep in mind when reviewing early System Update Preview Announcements is that there are also instances when a feature is only released to a specific Preview group for testing, and sometimes doesn’t leave a particular ring when the update is released to the public.

So, how can you be sure a feature is actually available for testing when we release an update? The best way to know what features are immediately available in a particular build is by checking the Xbox Insider Hub app. We put all of the latest Preview update information directly in the app so you can see what’s new in each build, along with information about fixes we’ve made and even known issues with a specific Preview update.  You can also find that information here on the Xbox Insider Blog, as well as the Preview Announcements section of the Xbox Forums.

So what should you do if you don’t see a particular feature that you believe should be available to your current Preview ring? Let us know by reporting it through the “Report a Problem” tool on your console. When you do submit feedback, make sure to include what specific feature you are expecting to see in your description. These brief details really help us narrow down what might be going on.

We continue to look forward to your input on upcoming features and updates and want to thank you again for all your valuable feedback!


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