Bleed 2 Available Now on Xbox One

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Hey there! My name’s Ian, and I’m here to announce my game Bleed 2, launching today thanks to indie publishing label Digerati and Nephilim Game Studios!

Bleed 2 is the arcade action game I always wanted to play… so I made it! It’s all killer, no filler — just boss fight after boss fight and setpiece after setpiece, with almost zero repeated content or downtime. Thanks to a dazzling soundtrack and outrageous sound design, by Jukio Kallio and Joonas Turner respectively, the levels of polish are off the charts, too.

Bleed 2 Screenshot

In the original Bleed, you help a young girl named Wryn defeat the lazy and complacent heroes of the world to become the Greatest Hero of All Time! Now she’s a hero — but she’s the only one there is. It’s up to you and Wryn to defend the world from an army of invading villains and prove yourselves worthy of your title!

Like in the original, you can triple-air dash, slow time, and move and shoot freely — but on top of that, now parrying is a core mechanic! Any purple attack can be reflected, from tiny bullets to energy blasts to entire bosses, thanks to Wryn’s trusty purple sword. Just watch out for unreflectable yellow attacks — or better yet, grab a buddy for local co-op, since they get a yellow sword to reflect those!

Bleed 2 Screenshot

To celebrate Bleed 2‘s release on Xbox One, I’ve also been working on the game’s brand-new Endless mode, which adds procedurally-generated levels into the mix! Smashing together and remixing elements of both Bleed games, it results in nearly infinite content that I hope will keep you playing for years to come.

It’s been a long road to create Bleed 2 (almost five years between starting it and getting released on Xbox One!) but I’m thrilled that it’s finally happening!

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