Sci-fi Mystery The Station Available Now on Xbox One

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I can’t express how excited I am for you to jump into the mystery adventure of The Station and solve what happened onboard a futuristic space station, sent to research a newly discovered sentient alien civilization. After losing contact with the crew, you’re sent to investigate and will discover a mystery that will decide the fate of two civilizations.

The Station Screenshot

We’re throwing you straight into an immersive mystery experience focused on heavy atmosphere and a gripping story. What awaits you onboard is a tale you’ll be thinking about for days to come.

The Station Screenshot

Built by a team of triple-A veterans, we came together to fuse the top industry talent with the indie game format. Most of us are old friends who have worked together on several blockbuster game titles like Bioshock Infinite, Destiny and Prototype but wanted to come together to make something special. We all entered the industry because of our love for storytelling. The Station is an opportunity to show you just how much we’re passionate about it.

The Station Screenshot

We’re only too happy to continue making games together as a team. If you enjoy games like The Station, you’ll be pleased to hear that our next game has already been green-lit and has entered pre-production.

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